Finding Fitness in Errands

Good morning!  This week has been well enough so far.  This past weekend, Rob and I were pretty busy but no pictures.  The big downside is that my allergies have kicked in.  I did not go to Bullpen on Friday nor Monday.  I can barely breathe and I cough a lot so the high intensity of those workouts just isn’t happening.  Sadly though, I didn’t do anything else in place of those either.

Today, I knew I wasn’t up for anything major again but am starting to feel restless.  I wanted to get a rotisserie chicken for dinner so I thought I would go to BJ’s Wholesale for one.  While there, I figured I could walk to Target on the other side of the shopping center so that’s exactly what I did!


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I also stopped in Michael’s and The Christmas Tree Shop on my way to Target.  I found a ton of cute holiday décor in The Christmas Tree Shop but I don’t have the money to throw around so I didn’t get anything.  I was glad I passed because I found tons of great clearance stuff in Target including my favorite winter socks.

2016-03-22 12.46.53

I love these Alaskan Knits socks made out of merino wool blend.  I love 100% wool socks but at $18 a pair on average, I’ll gladly buy these blend socks for $4 a pair (clearance price – regular $8).  I got the little white socks for wearing to work with my slip on shoes and the knee high socks were an impulse buy.  Who doesn’t need knee high matryoshka doll socks?!  So freaking cute.

I was in luck in my Target stop too because they had stew meat with a special $2 off sticker.  That brought the price down to $3.40 per pound which isn’t terrible.  I got it to make stew tomorrow in the crock pot.  Dinner solved!  AFter I was done at Target, I went right to the car to drop off the bags and then into BJ’s to get the chicken.  Then I headed straight home to get the meat in the refrigerator.

In total, I probably only walked about a mile but that is more than I get sitting at home all day.  I find it very difficult to get moving when I’m stuck in the house all day.  The treadmill just doesn’t excite me much and I would rather snuggle with a blanket and a book in my desk chair.  I like the idea of doing a workout DVD but I can’t breathe through my nose at all right now so that isn’t very appealing either.  I am supposed to go biking this weekend with friends so I’m really hoping I’m feeling better by then!

The plan for the rest of the day is to do some chores and then read a little bit.  I found a book on my Kindle that I forgot I bought when it went on special for $0.  Pretty awesome surprise.  Anyway, time for me to be off and productive!

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