Get It Done: Focus T25

Get It Done: Focus T25

2014-05-09 11.00.43I’m almost done my first week of Focus T25!  Wow, it went so fast!  Once I finish today’s workout and do the stretch over the weekend, I write a full recap of all the DVDs.  For now, let’s talk about what Focus T25 is and what my plan will be for the next 10 (9?) weeks.

Focus T25 is a BeachBody program made by Shawn T, host of Insanity and many other programs.  Its purpose was to create a demanding, complete exercise program in only 25 minutes per day.

The program is broken down into two segments: Alpha and Beta (three segments if you purchase the extra “Gamma” package).  Alpha concentrates on getting you started in the program and building your base.  Beta is there to really amp things up and help you get lean and toned.  Each segment lasts 5 weeks long, for a total of 10 weeks.

Each week, you will do a 25 minute workout Monday through Thursday and do two on Fridays. (or you can do one on Friday and one over the weekend if that works better for you).  On Sundays, you stretch.  Here is a calendar of Alpha that I made up for myself to give you an idea (the package comes with a calendar too but mine is prettier).


The package also comes with a small Nutrition Guide to help get your diet plan in line also for maximum results.  You take a little quiz and it will tell you if you should be on the 1200 Calorie Plan or the 1600 Calorie Plan.  You guys know how I feel about eating too few calories so I’m sticking with the 1600 Calorie Plan (that is where I tested for anyway).

2014-05-09 11.00.54

2014-05-09 11.02.10

The guide has some great, simple, every day recipes to get you started.  He also tells you to eat more protein for those looking to burn a lot of fat while everyone else can have more carbs.  Honestly, this little booklet has great advice without getting too overly complicated.  Great for people just starting out.  The one thing I really like though is that he gives you “25 Keep It Real Foods”

2014-05-09 11.02.38

The package also comes with a a 5 Day Fast Track booklet to get you jumpstarted on your journey.  This has 5 days of meals laid out for you to begin your journey.  Many of the breakfasts have Shakeology in them, a nutritional shake from BeachBody.  I don’t use Shakeology myself but I tried it once and it was tasty.  This one is up to you.

2014-05-09 11.01.09

That is pretty much everything that comes in the package (in addition to the 11 workouts).  Since I ordered through my BeachBody Coach (Amy – she’s the best!), I also got a bonus DVD, Core Speed, which I tried out last week and will review along with the other Alpha DVDs (blog post to come!).  You have to order through a coach to get the bonus DVD and I really liked it so I recommend going that route.

2014-05-09 11.01.03

A little bit about Coaches – they can be great!  I love having Amy as my coach.  I have known her for years and has always been there to support me so when I went to sign up for T25, I decided to go through her.  She sends out emails about sales on the website, motivational things, and is just a Facebook message away if I need her.  Coaches do make percentage of sales but I’m not a coach nor do I have the time to be a good one so I thought I would refer a friend!  Best thing about Amy is that she is there to help you, not to push products on you, so I feel comfortable with her Smile  Anyway, let me know if you join the Beach Body website – we can be friends there!  Here is a link to Amy’s page if you want to sign up with her!

I almost forgot!  The package also comes with an exercise band for the Beta phase which has an upper body DVD.  You can use weights also but the band will be great for me to take to Florida!


As for myself, I figured I should have a personalized plan to reach my goals.  First thing to do was take some progress pictures!  I wasn’t happy with the bathing suit ones so I threw on a cute little exercise outfit and took these.  I also took all my current body measurements.



Lower Body fat is measured on my scale along with water, muscle, and bone.  Upper body fat is measured with a handheld device.  I average the two and watch general trends in that number.  It is not an absolute measurement but gives me an idea!

I’m not happy with where I’m at right now but it is what it is!  I slowly gained weight back and that happens.  I’m finally ready to get started again!  My plan is as follows:

  • Do all of the Focus T25 Workouts
  • Eat 1500-1700 calories per day
  • Use Shawn T’s list of 25 Keep It Real Foods to meal plan

What are my goals anyway?

  • Lose Body Fat (I’ll celebrate each 5% loss)
  • Become Stronger
  • Make Healthy Living a Habit

It is that simple!  So far, I’m loving T25 and with the modifiers, practically anyone could do it.  But I don’t want to spoil my next blog post so I’ll stop there Smile  Now, off to do today’s double workout!

Have you done Focus T25 or any other Beach Body programs?

Do you like exercising at home, at the gym, or someplace else?

3 thoughts on “Get It Done: Focus T25

  1. I have only done P90x…and totally love it! If I ever stop going to my gym, I’d go back to that in a heartbeat. However, I’d need a totally new set of weights, I’ve happily outgrown my 10# db’s that I used to use! Even hubs adjustable ones aren’t heavy enough anymore! Woo Hoo! So glad you are loving your new workouts.. that makes a huge difference when you enjoy what you are doing, you’ll stick with it!

    1. Way to go on the new weights! I remember when it seemed all you did was run 😉
      I think it might be fun to try P90X3 in the future but I really can’t get over Tony. People say he’ll grow on me but I think not. Maybe Shawn T will make a DVD with weights one day. OR I can alternate my Body Beast with Insanity/T25! There’s an idea!

  2. Thanks for the review! I’ve been bouncing around the idea of doing a Beachbody series–I’ll be interested to see how it goes for you! Good luck!

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