Getting Back in the Workout Habit

Lots has been going on but how about just a workout update?

Last Friday, I kicked my own butt with 30 minutes of Les Mills Body Combat.  My arms hurt for days.

2015-11-06 10.23.47

Saturday, I had a wedding.  I danced so much (and never took off my heels!) that I was awoken the next two nights with leg PAIN (much more than soreness but it subsided within 2 days).

2015-11-07 20.19.552015-11-07 17.55.28

I took Sunday and Monday off.  Sunday because I was still in pain.  Monday because I was being lazy and cranky (hey, we all have those days).

Tuesday, I did 20 minutes of T25 Core Cardio.  Yes, they are 25 minute DVDs.  Yes, I only did 20 minutes.  I’m not really a fan of them and get bored/annoyed by the end.  Plus, my floor was a little dirty so I didn’t want to do the burpees or planks.

2015-11-10 09.22.28

Wednesday, Rob had off from work.  We drove to Ocean City, NJ with our bikes and rode down the boardwalk to this cute breakfast place called Uncle Bill’s Pancake House (then of course rode back).  Only 3.5 miles in all; we didn’t want to push it too hard since I haven’t ridden in forever.

2015-11-11 10.09.33
2015-11-11 10.46.022015-11-11 10.47.06 (2)
2015-11-11 10.53.14

Thursday, I ran/walked 2 miles.  Did about 2 minutes walking and 3 minutes of jogging. According to Garmin, I kept a consistent pace of about 11:30 for each of my jogs. My walking varied between 18 and 20 minutes per mile. Also, I wore my Newton running sneakers (specially designed to help improve your running form) and I am happy to report absolutely zero Achilles pain! (That old ankle problem still acts up in the form of Achilles tenderness.)  Overall, a success!

2015-11-12 09.44.052015-11-12 10.07.19 (2)

I hadn’t planned on starting to run again yet.  I was just planning on doing home DVDs in the warmth of my living room until I was “in better shape”.  It has been really nice out though, and I did want to get back to it eventually.  PLUS, while we were at the boardwalk, Rob suddenly recalled that we were not signed up for our annual Thanksgiving Day turkey trot – the Fast and the Furriest 5K (its for the humane society), run on the same part of the boardwalk that we biked.  He batted his eyes, and I said that it would be okay if we did it, since I knew they welcomed walkers too.

So I have just 2 weeks to work up to 3.1 miles.  Considering I did 2 miles yesterday without much practice, I know I’ll be okay.  I plan on just running every other day to prepare and sprinkle in my other workouts in between.  I’ll keep running after that because I really do what to build up my mileage and endurance again.  Maybe I’ll even be ready for another Broad Street Run in the spring!

Have you done any fun activities this week?
I really had fun riding bikes with Rob. After that, we went to a local historic town with these little shops and played skee ball in the arcade.  I kicked his butt 3-0!

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