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The bright side of being at home all the time (and no working) is that I have lots of free time to spend with friends and family.  I also have time to get things done around the house, but that’s not nearly as much fun.

Yesterday, my sister, Michele, and I went shopping at the new Gloucester Outlets in Blackwood, NJ.  We live very close to Atlantic City so we usually go to the outlets there but we thought going somewhere new would be fun.

First, we stopped for breakfast the Whitman Diner in Turnersville.  Last few times I was there, the food was really good.  I think we just flopped on ordering this time.  It was fine, though nothing special.

2015-12-10 09.23.25

The outlets are only about 10 minutes away from the diner.  They were really nice (of course, since they are new).  They aren’t full of stores yet so it felt a little lacking.  Give it time?

2015-12-10 10.29.11

We stopped at the Starbucks in the outlets, and our drinks were terrible!  Also, no taking them in the stores so we only drank half and dumped the rest in the trash. So Sad.  Let’s hope it was a fluke too because I need my Starbucks while I shop.

2015-12-10 12.07.272015-12-10 12.07.05

Do you like my sweater?  I just got it from Torrid, which just opened at the mall.  They only go down to size 12ish so some things fit, others are too big.  But in other clothing stores, I’m too big to fit in the clothes.  I am in the dreaded in-between zone.  But I love this sweater!

We had lunch in the food court, but I forgot a picture.  We got salads and honestly, the place was really disappointing.  Next time, I get food from the Teriyaki place, since that looked delicious.  Or got back to Starbucks for a salad or sandwich.  Anyway, we shopped ‘til we dropped and headed out at dinner time!

2015-12-10 16.42.21

One bonus at these outlets is that you can sign up for the outlet’s VIP program on their website.  It doesn’t cost anything.  You just make an account, and when you get there, you go to the office to get a coupon booklet.  We managed to use several of the coupons, getting us great discounts!  (Atlantic City outlets are run by Tanger and they will give all AAA members a free coupon booklet).

I didn’t buy much but I got a cute shirt for $15, a Vera Bradley cross body bag, a necklace, and some clothes at the Old Navy outlet (tights, a fleece, and a thermal shirt).  Not a crazy shopping day, it was more about hanging out with my sister!

2015-12-11 15.42.56

The stores weren’t anything better than Atlantic City outlets, but I did enjoy not having to cross the street and everything being enclosed.  There were lots of places to just sit and people watch too.  I hang out a lot with a friend who has 3 kids.  This will be a great place for us to go because we can let the kids out of the stroller without too much worrying.  There was even a small playground area!  Overall, it was a nice day out!

Do you enjoy discount shopping or would you rather buy things at regular stores?

I almost never pay full price for things.  Between coupons, outlets, and amazon, I can usually find what I want at a discount!  I even shopped the clearance racks at the outlets!

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