Gluten Hangover

I have to admit, Rob and I have been really lax on the whole no-gluten-eat-paleo thing lately.  I started to ease up a few months ago and finally just stopped worrying altogether in June for the sake of my sanity.  It was enough to just worry about getting a workout and tracking my food without having to stress over the types of food.

But the reason I went Paleo in the first place was for the my health and not for weight loss.

I am still eating a lot less gains than probably most Americans but it is still too much for me.  Typically, it is no more than once per day but yesterday was a landslide: bagels, pizza, and ice cream (also should be avoiding dairy).  And I’m paying for it today.

Most people with food intolerance only report digestive symptoms such as cramping, bloating, etc.  I’m here to tell you about my symptoms today that have nothing to do with my stomach and its related parts.  It is what I call the Gluten Hangover.  It is why I chose to swear off grains before and why I need to do it again.

The Gluten Hangover

My first symptoms started in the evening.  A funny feeling in my mouth, often a metallic taste if I had too much dairy.  Then a feeling sort of like dehydration that no amounts of water can help.  Finally, the crankiness starts to set in since my whole day was filled with grains.

The next morning, I struggle to get up with my alarm, snoozing to the very last minute.  I debate blowing off the gym, as I feel lethargic and have no energy.  Finally, I convince myself to go and throw some clothes on.  Everything is extra tight today, like I gained 5 pounds over night.  I throw on anything that is remotely flattering, eat a light breakfast even though I’m far from hungry, and head out.

It takes every once of my concentration to drive to the gym since the brain-fog has taken hold.  I feel like I can’t think.  Even remembering blinkers is an issue this morning.

I arrive at the gym safely and my breakfast isn’t sitting well.  My stomach is still in a uproar from all the gluten I ate last night and my light breakfast is creating its own gases now.  It’s not enough to stop my workout luckily.  Next time, I’ll just skip breakfast.

Hip Hop class starts and I’m feeling very tired, like my legs are bricks and my feet are dragging.  I stumble over my own two feet during the warm up, nearly face planting in front of the whole class.  I had enough mind control though to catch myself before I went down.  I have to use that same high level of concentration for the rest of the class that I needed for driving.

I make it through class without too much more trouble though the new dance moves we learned felt extra hard today.  I finally realize that the fog I’m in is from my food yesterday and the rest of the day is going to be a struggle.  At least all the cardio I got is helping a little bit and I don’t have to contcentrate so hard on simple tasks.

I spend the rest of the day trying to work but having a harder time than usual understanding things.  Coffee is my friend for the next few days and, as long as I avoid those risky foods, I’ll finally feel normal again hopefully by Wednesday.

Have you ever noticed any physical reactions to foods, unrelated to digestion?

Does my recap of my day make you wonder if you might have a similar food intolerance?

8 thoughts on “Gluten Hangover

  1. Food can be my helper or my hurter…. and usually it just hurts me unless I am very very careful. I have intolerances and allergies to most foods out there, so even the littlest of something can affect my energy tremendously. Luckily I am a GREAT actress so when I must “put it on” I do… However, I know that the second I get home, on go the sweats and I curl up in a ball. LOL! Fish is generally an amazing food for me as is red meat and chicken. I cannot eat carbs and I even need to keep veggies to a minimum. Bring on the fat and animal protein! LOL!

  2. I definitely have food issues. Im not exactly sure what the title would be, but if I eat crappy foods. the nexxt time I am bloated, and then Im in a lot of pain. It almost feels like my stomach and intestines are sore. Strange? I just know if I over do it, I pay.

  3. I can relate to this! I ate some cookies with wheat in them on Saturday and my entire long run (1 hr +) on Sunday I had crazy stomach cramps…ouchy 🙁 I have lots of food sensitivities (eggs, dairy, gluten, soy, yeast…) and I recently cut out grains and I have been feeling so much better! I have never identified myself as Paleo though – just eating food that makes me feel better. I still have grains occasionally, but I instantly gain water weight when I do.

    1. Before I figured it out, I would *always* have stomach problems for my longs runs. Then it was light a like bulb moment – it was the bagels I was having for breakfast pre-run. I’m still working out the kinks but it seems that one egg and banana do me well now 🙂

  4. I am literally experiencing this right now….I have been almost no gluten food for a month….only thing I can think of that i scausing me issues today is I had some beer last night that was not gluten free….does that cause such a big hangover?

    1. It could be! Beer is made from grains and has lots of sugar in it. It is all about how your own body reacts to things. Beer might be a trigger for you! Hope you feel better soon <3

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