Happy New Year 2017

Hello strangers!  Or am I the stranger?  Well, either way, I’ve missed you all!  Things have been a little crazy lately and I just needed a break from one thing and that thing ended up being blogging.  If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, I’ve still be around, just not full scale.  What have I been up to?  Just the usual stuff – work, home life, exercise.

The not-so-new-anymore job has been going well.  I really like my coworkers and the environment there, which is a major improvement over other places I’ve worked.  I am just chugging along there.  Sometimes we work a lot of overtime which makes life a little stressful.  The overtime is always voluntary (encouraged) but never mandatory.  I have a hard time saying no when I don’t have an excuse though so that makes it tough for me.  We had a bit of a lull around the holidays but I’m sure it will ramp up again.

As for exercise/running/etc, I kind of also took a break there.  I had the Atlantic City Half Marathon in October, which I ran very, very slowly and finished at around 3:30.  By far my worst time but I finished and felt good about it.  I also ran the Ugly Sweater Run in Philly in December which was a lot of fun, even though it was running and slushy.  Next on the race schedule is the Hot Chocolate 15K in April and the April Fool’s Half Marathon, which I’m running with friends as well so that should be fun!  I’ve even going to try to coordinate some runs with my friend who lives about an hour away, at least a few long runs.  Running with friends makes it so much more enjoyable!

Finally, home life!  Well, Rob and I moved!!!  We have been renovating a house that is owned by my in-laws that was empty for some time and needed repairs.  We were frantically trying to get all the repairs done before Christmas so we could host and managed to move in a week before.  There is still much to do.  There is a whole finished first floor (its a bi-level so the kitchen is on the second floor) so we’ll continue doing renovations while living here.  I will definitely write a post soon with pictures of the reno we did already!  Now that we’re living here, it will be so much easier since we won’t have to run back and forth between places.

Well, I think I should stop here for now.  There are lots of posts I should have written the last few months but I just couldn’t bring myself to write.  I might write some of them, extremely late, or I’ll just let it go and move on from here.  Either way, I am back and happy to be here again!

What is something fun or exciting that you’ve done in the last few months?

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