Home Again

Home Again

I’m home!  And it’s a mess…


In case you missed it, I’ve moved home from school where I’ve been living 4-5 days a week while I got my Master’s degree.  It’s going to take a while to get back to normal but its driving me crazy in the meantime.  I have work to do for school (I have to go back down tomorrow) so I can’t even attempt to unpack yet (because you know it gets worse before it gets better).  On the bright side, the monsters cats are loving the new obstacle-course/climbing-apparatus.


I also have to figure out some sort of workout schedule for the week.  I admit, I was “lazy” all weekend but with all the packing, I was pretty exhausted.  I figure that is a good replacement for a workout.  Once I’m unpacked, I’ll be back glued to the desk (once I can find it under that mess) so workouts are a must. 

phd053110s-holidayYes, this has happened to me.

So, one idea is to break my workouts up throughout the day.  Since I’ll be working from home, I can move around whenever I want!  I find that one continuous sweat session (say 20 minutes of jogging) helps with my stress levels but doesn’t get rid of that itch to move.  Do you know what I’m talking about?  That restlessness from sitting for long hours?  I’ve read before that getting your movement throughout the day is more beneficial than one 30 minute session.  I’m thinking I can do a hard 20-30 minute sweat session for the stress relief (probably around lunch) and then get 5-10 minutes of movement every hour.  Sadly, I can’t use the “walk to the furthest bathroom” technique in my 900-square-foot apartment.  LoL!

So that’s the basic plan for now.  Today, I’ve got lots of to-do’s like unpacking the wet towels before they get gross (have to find the box!), laundry, and finish writing something up for tomorrow for my adviser.  Maybe “clean off the desk area” should be on that check list too.  Right now, I’m hunched over, blogging from my coffee table.  It isn’t helping my posture sitting like this!

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Do you prefer to get your exercise in one session or break it up throughout the day?

Can you feel the difference between moving all day verses being sedentary with a single workout?

3 thoughts on “Home Again

  1. Good luck getting settled in with everything! I love getting my big workout done first thing but am always moving around all day, it drives me crazy to sit still!

  2. I would say that I definitely can tell a difference from when I am moving all day (usually attacking the TO DO LIST) and a day I just sit. I actually am MORE tired at the end of the day when I sit, crazy right?

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