July Goal Update

July Goal Update

Ok, so I haven’t even thought about my goals all month! It really has been a rough time. So let’s take a look…

emoticon Track food every day
This means of course everything I’ve eaten that day. I’ve gotten 8/12 days. Not bad considering I went off tracking for so long and found it difficult to get back into it! I’m happy with that so far!

emoticon Drink 8 glasses of water every day
This one I’m honestly not sure how I’m doing. I forget to track it but I know that I’ve been pretty good at it for the last week. We’ll give myself credit for 6/12 days.

emoticon 1000 Fitness Minutes
So far, I’m at 479. Not bad!
emoticon Run 30 Miles
Um, yeah… 2. Not so good!

emoticon Do 1 project per week
I did 1 project at the beginning of the month. Haven’t had time yet for another. I want to finish 4 by the end of the month.

emoticon Track Spending
This one I have been rocking! I downloaded an app on my smart phone that is just like the excel spreadsheet I made! It is called MoneyWise if anyone is interested. It lets you filter spending to make different charts, decide what you want on the chart, set budgets, etc. Love it!!! But now next month, we’ll need to make some new spending goals. Gotta get some of these catagories reduced!

That’s it! No cute chart today because its on my other computer. Next time! Now, off to make today a successful Spark Day!!!

emoticon How are your July goals going? Do you have a goal you want to make for the rest of the month? emoticon
I want to cut down on my spending in one of my catagories. Going to work on that with Rob!

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