Local Eats: Rama Thai

This week, a friend and I headed to Rama Thai for some delicious food for my birthday!  I often go to this restaurant for lunch with coworkers since its close, quick, and rather cheap.  The atmosphere is nice but not stuffy inside.  The staff is extremely friendly and always warm and welcoming!

I ordered the Thai Tea this time to give it a go.  I felt like splurging a little.  According to Wikipedia, it is tea with spices, milk, and sugar.  According to me, its delicious!  Also, look at the cool way they wrap the straw wrappers around the straw.  I wonder how they do that, how long it takes, and if they have a full time person just sitting in the back wrapping straws!  LoL.

For dinner, Jess ordered the Pineapple fried rice with chicken and shrimp.  There is something I love about warm pineapple!  I definitely stole a bit or two.  Also, that is one huge mound of rice!  We both had leftovers for the next day 🙂

I ordered the Red Curry for dinner which has bamboo shoots, peppers, green beans, carrots, and spinach in it.  I ordered mine with chicken and it also came with rice on the side.  I ordered it “medium” heat.  Oh how I love the red curry!  Its my usual.  I also like the green and haven’t ordered the yellow here.

 I absolutely love going to Rama Thai.  They really do have a great atmosphere and the food is amazing.  It is always so fresh and healthy.  Also, its not expensive at all.  For lunch, it is $7.99 for the red curry with chicken.  For dinner (bigger portion) it is $12.99.  Can’t beat that!  Definitely a must go in the area!

Rama Thai
3003 English Creek Ave # A5
Egg Harbor Twp, NJ 08234-4800
(609) 677-1004

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