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Last week, my sister and I met up for breakfast and decided to try a completely new place.  Neither of us had ever been there and now that summer is over (after Labor Day means the tourists are gone!), we could happily enjoy breakfast in a beach town without fighting for parking or waiting for a table.

We headed to Ocean City, NJ to the Sunrise Café.

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It was pretty crowded when we got there but there were still a few tables inside.  There are special touches to the restaurant like their own crockery and the beautiful wood accent wall.

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The menu had your usual breakfast stuff except I really loved all the great omelet toppings.  You see, I love veggie omelets but onions and peppers are the usual “vegetable” choices and that just doesn’t cut it (especially since I have a food sensitivity to peppers).  This place offered all sorts of things from broccoli (my favorite on omelet) to avocado! 

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We also couldn’t help but notice how good the pancakes looked on the other tables so we decided to split a blueberry one.  The omelet doesn’t look fantastic in the photo but I can gaurantee you it was.  I got fresh asparagus, avocado, spinach, and white cheddar cheese.  Amazing and I ate the whole thing.  The potatoes were just fried spuds.  Nothing special there.  Good though.  Coffee was also drinkable.  You can see their full menu on their website (also open for lunch).

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The pancake ended up being a little lack luster.  It was just a pancake and there weren’t that many blueberries in it really.  It was really good but not amazing.  The reviews online all said that the oatmeal is amazing, the best ever, etc. so next time, we’ll bring Rob and he can order it (since that is what he always gets anyway!)  By the time we were done eating, everyone had cleared out.

2014-09-02 10.56.13

I can definitely say that I will be back to this place!  And it is open year-round!  Woohoo!  This is not always true for local business in a beach town.  I love finding little gems like this that I can devour in the winter while all the tourists are gone.  Can’t wait to eat here again!

Sunrise Café 
1200 Asbury Ave
Ocean City, NJ 08226
(609) 398-9300
Hours: 7am-3pm Daily

All information provided is just for usefulness.  Check their website for more up-to-date info!

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  1. looks like a cute little place! I need to try and add more veggies to my omlets, so far I just add peppers and soemtimes broccoli

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