Local Grocery Shopping & Gu Review

So I never really finished my blog from the weekend due to time and technical difficulties.  LoL!  Anyway, we always do our grocery shopping on Sundays.  It just sets off our week right.  This time, we were out and about a few town over which has our favorite market, Bagliani’s in Hammonton, NJ, so we decided to stop!  And just read the sign, homemade Italian sausage!  Yum!!!

When you walk in, you start off in the veggies and fruits.  They carries tons of local stuff when they can and they also carry some more “ethnic” foods I would say since the population is somewhat diverse in the town.  Love it!  Look how huge this cauliflower was!

Then we headed on through this teeny tiny store to the meat area where I know they have frozen ground bison.  Rob hates bison and its $12.95 a pound so I did not purchase it.  Mmm maybe next time.


They have tons of fresh meats there that are from NJ I believe.  They have prepackaged sausage out there that they made but you can also order cuts from the counter and call ahead for your own specialty orders.



And then comes my favorite parts of the store.  Cheese!  Pasta!  Olives!  Aged olive oils!  10 year aged balsamic!  Its also what I would consider the expensive part.  LoL

Yes, that is one big giant log of cheese.  I think it was bigger than me!  Mmmm cheese.  To the left is the dried pasta section.  They also had frozen fresh pastas.

Olives!!!  I love olives but its another thing Rob hates eating.  Haha, he is so picky!  So I got two little containers of two kinds.  So far, so good!






Of course, we got many delicious things here.  We even got a pork shoulder (or pork picnic).  It is a fatty cut and has a bone sometimes but it is cheap to buy.  I slow roasted it in the oven on Sunday and it came out delicious!  It has been feeding us for days.  I also roasted the cauliflower and made soup too.  2 items practically fed us for the week!






Next up on our shopping adventures was a trip to the local apple farm!  We didn’t need much more after the trip to Bagliani’s but we wanted some cider and just look around too!

They had gallons of local honey too!  From the next town over so I might stock up on that to help with any allergies Rob and I have (unsure if its allergies sometimes!).  I love the guy who runs the place too!  He is just always so happy and friendly.  Got a few things and that was it for our groceries for they day, and we never even visited a major grocery store!

Health and Fitness Update
My food wasn’t so good yesterday.  I ate a ton of cookies and coffee because I was tired and cranky.  Then, homework go put off to another day so I could go for a run!  I decided to try a Gu Roctane.  It is basically Gu with caffeine added to it and O.M.G.  I had set out for an easy run, no distance in mind really.  I ate this around mile 1 and gave it a shot.  My calf was bothering me so I decided at the turn around to just head back to the house.  The flavor was pretty good (blueberry pomegranate) but the Gu didn’t kick in until I got home.  I directly decided to do a Bob Harper DVD.  He really kicked my butt!  It was only 20 minutes and during the last segment during the crunches, I could see my legs shaking from the workout!  But the point is that I had all this crazy energy!  I rocked the workout.  I had been feeling sluggish and horrible all day, drinking coffee like crazy.  This little packet skyrocketed my energy!  Now, I’m not saying you should eat these just for energy, but I am saying that this definitely made a difference in the quality of my workout last night.  I will be ordering a box of these for my long marathon training runs!!

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