Locals Eats: Thai Basil

This week’s stop as Thai Basil with some friends.  It was so hard to find!!!  It is in a shopping center that I am familiar with and we could hardly find it and here is why:

We drove around the whole place so confused.  I actually tried to scout it out on an earlier date and couldn’t find it!  My friend in the car spotted it for us!  We walked in and the atmosphere was ok, felt a little cheap to me.  We sat at a table in a little secluded room by itself.  The place was a little muggy but I think that’s because we are transitioning between summer and fall and they had the windows open. 

The prices seemed pretty good (about $8-$10 for lunch dishes) but when they came out they were really small.  Not that I minded because I could actually finish my lunch and not feel stuffed but our usual haunt (Rama Thai) has the same prices, same quality food, and serves at least a little bigger portions so I can get away with 2 meals out of it!

I got the pineapple curry and it was actually very good!  Everyone was really happy with the way their food tasted so that is a major plus.  We even had some Thai-newbies with us.  But seriously, lots of sauce here, little food.  Hm.  And the service was a bit weird.  She brought out the dishes one by one (I guess as they were ready in the kitchen).  We all could have easily finished eating before one of us got his food!  Odd.  So overall, not bad but not great either.  I would go to Rama Thai if you had the choice.  They are close enough that if you are going for dinner, its a good idea.  We went during lunch hour so we picked what was closest!

Thai Basil
199 New Rd #72
Linwood, New Jersey

(609) 926-9339

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  1. Love the local restaurant reviews even though I am unlikely to ever eat there… Interesting to see what's available and what kind of pricing.

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