Making Gym Progress

2016-01-22 10.13.02Happy Friday!  Today’s workout was tough, cardio-wise.  I had a hard time catching my breath all of class.  Here is a brief description, because I don’t plan on doing full recaps forever.  I will try to mention new things we do!

Warm Up:  Running

2 laps (0.66 miles) *Most people didn’t run at all.  It was SO COLD.  I was glad I had 2 coats on and was able to pull my collar up over my face.  They were running laps inside when I came in.

Workout 1:  Speed & Agility

Grab a partner and a band.  Strap said band around waist and try to run with high knees while you partner pulls in the opposite direction, 40 yards, repeat twice.

Repeat the same kind of thing but go sideways and then backwards.  Total of 240 yards of being drug the opposite direction with a band.

Workout 2:  Circuits

We split into 2 groups of 5. One group did Sled Pushes, 30 yards, and push ups and burpees while the other group did kettlebell work.  Each round was slightly different as Jose called out exercise to do such as:

  • Jump squats
  • Swings
  • Rows
  • Punches
  • Burpees

I missed most of these exercises or only did a few reps each time because I was trying to catch my breathe from the sleds!

Workout 3:  Speed

Our final round was another Bear Crawl day.  We alternated, 20 yards of Bear Crawls with the following back (20 yards):

  • Karaoke Legs
  • High Knees
  • Quick Feet
  • Butt Kicks


2 sets of 5 laps (1 lap = 40 yards) and 5 burpees.  End with 100 crunches.

I think running in the cold was not a great idea today.  I had a really hard time catching my breath all of class.  I did get checked out by a doctor and was told I have sports induced asthma.  I don’t know if I mentioned it before.  I have been using a pre-workout inhaler and it has been helping a TON.  Before, I would lose my breath and not be able to catch it.  Now, I still lose my breath (because I’m still out of shape), but I can at least take a deep breath to catch it again.  Today was rough though and I think it was the cold air.  I am DEFINITELY getting better at the Bear Crawls though.  I made it like 15 yards today before my legs gave out!

Weight Loss

So far, since starting at Bullpen, I haven’t lost any weight.  I haven’t been feeling great lately, in regards to my digestion so that is a huge factor I am sure.  I don’t talk much about that here but I do often have digestive distress, basically daily.  It ranges from just pain to other stuff that no one wants to talk about.

Rob and I have seriously been talking about trying a Whole30.  While it isn’t my favorite idea, if it will fix things, I need to try it.  I know I need to change something and can’t continue this way.  I am not getting the nutrition I need if food isn’t getting properly digested.  Whole30 us very restrictive though, but that is the whole point, because it is an elimination diet to look for triggers.  Some people treat it as a weight loss diet but that is not its purpose.  (It can also be used to break disordered eating habits like sugar addiction and similar things because it eliminates those things as well).  I know I should try it but the thought of being so restrictive makes me want to rebel.  I am still considering it.

Weekend Plans

I had plans for tonight and tomorrow but it has all been canceled due to the impending storm.  We could get rain or we could get 8 inches.  Who knows!  My big plan is to finish reading the two books I have going right now and maybe do a little practice computer programming.  Be safe everyone!

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