March 2016 Goals

Happy Leap Day!  How fun!  I totally forgot about it until I saw the date on my phone today.  Anyway, today is the day to share my plans for next month.  I prepped last week and here are the goals I came up with.


Goal 1:  Exercise 5 Days Per Week

I have been hitting Bullpen 3 times per week since December and have that routine down.  Now it is time to start adding more workouts in on a regular basis.  I actually started this goal 2 weeks ago and so far so good.  Just have to keep that momentum going!

Goal 2:  Stay Under 1700 Calories, 25 Days

I really, really need to start watching what I eat.  I did some calculations using the Katch-McArdle formula  and I should only eat about 1525 calories per day to lose weight.  This is after accounting for my workouts. That means I need to more diligent about tracking my calories and making sure I stay in a good range.  I chose to shoot for 25 Days in March because that is approximately 80%.  That gives me a few fun days to have a treat meal.

Goal 3:  Drink 8 Glasses of Water Per Day

I am very bad at drinking enough water.  I have also recently gotten a head start on this one.  My husband and I downloaded a new app called Plant Nanny (review to come) that has been forcing me to drink over 100 ounces of water per day.  I have a good feeling about this goal!

Goal 4:  Yoga Once Per Week

I don’t stretch nearly as much as I should so I thought adding yoga once per week would be a great goal.  I don’t care if its just 20 minutes, I need to make it a higher priority.

Goal 5:  Complete 1 Craft Project

I always like to include at least one non-weight-loss related goal.  Think of this as more of a mental health goal.  I could say “take time for yourself” or some other vague statement, but having a goal to complete 1 craft project is more concrete and tangible.  I have and idea for a big project but I am not sure I have the funds for it, nor if I can do it in the month since I need help from my mom.  I have little crochet things I can do though too or even scrapbooking!

That is it for this month!  Now I need to be off to prep for some of my goals.  I need to do laundry (clean clothes for all those workouts!) and clean my bedroom (which is where I do yoga).  Plus, I might do a little meal planning and food prep today for the rest of the week.  I want to start off the month of March practically running!

What are your March 2016 Goals?

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