May Goals & Surprise Trip

I’ve finally decided to do May Goals. I hadn’t really thought about it but then saw that Lauren posted some ( and I figured it would be good to get me focused again. Here we go!

emoticon Drink 8 glasses of water every day.
I have been good at this one but I like tracking it anyway 🙂

emoticon Have 20 days of natural eating.
I figure that 20/31 days isn’t so bad. This one might be hard though because we have to go away this weekend for rugby and possibly more weekends after that! Also, 20% of the time works for me too.

emoticon Strength Train 8 times.
That boils down to about 2 times per week. I can do this!!!

emoticon 1200 Fitness Minutes
This one is obvious! It will help me really push this month. I’m a little scared of the 1200 considering that I’m not longer distance running. Also, once I start my new weight lifting plan, I shouldn’t be taking that long at the gym for that either. At least I will start biking more for my upcoming race in July!

emoticon Track Spending every day and have 20 Spend Free Days
Remember spend free days?! Well, these are “spend free” as in free of frivolous spending. Today I bought groceries so that doesn’t count so it makes today spend free. Works for me! And I love seeing charts of my spending. Also… I haven’t told you guys yet…

The rugby team is planning a trip to Ireland in February!!! Its going to be so much fun. So I have to start saving for Rob and I to go cause he’s not going without me!!! I’ve never been to Europe so this is going to be awesome. I’m afraid I’ll be hooked and never come back. LoL. So this is MAJOR motivation to save money 🙂

emoticon What are your goals for May? emoticon

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