May Progress

May Progress

Its been about a week and a half since I posted about my 28 Day Challenge that I was starting with some online friends.  I haven’t posted much about it because I feel odd posting too much about my fitness and health goals on here but I think I need to get over that.  Spark People can’t hog all the good blogs!

Anyway, the “challenge” is going well.  I’ve been eating very healthy.  I even have stopped tracking my food online this week.  I’m trying to eat intuitively.  I am going to weigh myself again on Monday to make sure it hasn’t gone up at all.  I did track my food for Monday and Tuesday after the fact to double check and was happy to see they were right where they should be for most of my ranges (calories, fat, carbs, protein, fiber, and sodium).  Also, my food has just been more interesting.  More delicious meals.  More yummy and different snacks.  All good things!

Additionally, my workouts have been pretty good.  Last week, I took it a little easy for Broad Street but I felt much more motivation this week!  Monday, I did a Jackie Warner DVD, Tuesday was a run with Lauren (boy was that not like a normal run only 2 days after a race!), and 40 minutes of circuit training/Zumba today.  Not bad!  It also feels good to do things other than running.

Anyway, this is about the challenge.  I’ve been changing things up but sticking to the basic principles.  Work out and eat natural healthy foods.  That’s it!  That’s all there is to my healthy lifestyle.  Sticking with it is the hardest part.  For motivation, I read a bunch of the books I got in the mail.  I also picked up my copy of “This is Why You’re Fat” by Jackie Warner.  I LOVE this book.  I totally forgot how much I love it but I do.  She is so down to Earth and gives such good advice.  Also, her meal plan and workout plan is totally doable.  It has given me a renewed sense of determination (key to losing weight, its not motivation).  I am happy not tracking and just eating healthy! 

So for the rest of May, I will:

  • Eat natural, healthy foods
  • Exercise consistently and regularly
  • Tend to my mental health through exercise and eating right
  • Maintain an overall healthy lifestyle!

 I, of course, plan to do all these things past May but its nice to have short term goals 🙂

What do you plan to do for the rest of May?

2 thoughts on “May Progress

  1. Sounds like a great plan for May…and good for you for having such a great fitness week! I've taken the week off it seems – except I did play softball 2x this week – and cut the grass! Sometimes the busyness of life gets in the way if I don't workout before sunrise or after the kids are in bed…maybe my goal should be to workout early even when my running partners bail or the weather is bad…hmmm…

  2. Oh! I didn't know you had a blog either! I guess us "sparkies" love to chat about our experiences. ^_^ I have to now check yours daily to see what's going on.

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