Morning Runner Jealousy

Morning Runner Jealousy


Every beautiful morning when I drive to work, I always manage to see someone being active.  Runners, cyclists, something.  I see the morning runner, jogging along, pony tail swinging through the air, feet hitting the pavement with the beat of her ipod.  And it comes on.  Morning Runner Jealousy.  I start to envy her and her beautiful weather, the cool air she gets to enjoy, the calmness of the morning.

You see, I get to work at 7AM.  I have to be in the shower by 6:15.  Hate to tell you, but there isn’t any sun that early.  For a 5 mile run, I would have to leave my house at 5AM.  My neighborhood doesn’t have sidewalks either so morning runs weren’t even really an option for me except on weekends.

Today is my first day of school (haha I feel like a little kid!).  I don’t have class until 4PM (UGH!) but that meant I got to sleep in a little, get up nice and slow, have an easy breakfast, and then set out for that morning run!

Was it all its cracked up to be?  Yep!!!

It was actually a little chilly when I started but I knew that it would then be perfect once I warmed up.  I actually woke up with my left leg feeling a little wonky but I wasn’t going to let that be an excuse.  I ate an omelet before I left (I know!  The horror!  I had protein and not carbs before a long run!!!  More on this in a bit.  I also drank some black coffee.)

I started out with a good rythm.  I made sure to concentrate on my gate and stride for at least the first half mile to ensure a safe, injury free run, especially the way my leg was feeling when I got up.  I headed toward my 4 mile route knowing I would add onto it.  Everything was going great!  Then my left food started to bother me.  That went away quickly.  Then I conquered these 2 hills that used to kick my butt.  I didn’t notice I was running them until I was at the top and thought “wow, I didn’t even think to walk any of that!”. 

Then around mile 3 my left leg really started to bother me.  Just a tightness in my hip.  Around 3.5 miles, my left calf started to pull a bit.  I was already on the out part of an out and back.  I decided I would head back to the house after I turned around.  I ended up with just over 5 miles.  My run was slow but it was nice.  The best part is that I felt fine.  Other than the pesky leg (who thought it would be a good idea to wear heeled boots to campus yesterday?!), my energy levels were great, mentally I was good, and my breathing was perfect (because I was going really, really slow, lol).  Seriously, if my leg hadn’t been bothering me, I would have easily been able to crank out an 8 miler today.

I have been concerned with covering my distances but today showed me that I’m really not that bad off.  I mean, yes I need to run more, but at least I’m not back down to like 3 miles!  That would be bad!  Since my half is on the 18th!!!

Back to the omelet.  Runners are always told “carbs carbs carbs!” but this morning, I really wanted an omelet.  And I always have stomach issues when I run.  But today I was fine.  I ate my whole omelet about 15 minutes before I left.  HA!  Another usual no no of running.  Also, I hate it when my stomach starts growling when I’m running.  I think the protein helped because it takes so much longer to digest.  I mean, they say carbs for energy but shouldn’t I already have some stored energy?  If I’m really that tired, maybe I shouldn’t be going for a run.  Haha.  Next long run, start with an omelet, don’t wear heels the night before, sip a little black coffee, and enjoy the morning sun!

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  1. I feel you with the morning jogger jealousy. Why is it, though, I can't remember that when I decide to hit the snooze and sleep another 45 minutes rather than hit the streets and make others jealous? Alas…

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