No More Staycation!

I got good news today: my background check has gone through its first round and I can start work on Monday!  Woohoo!  Sadly, my extended unpaid vacation is over but I’m actually really happy about that.   While it might sound nice to have all this time at home, I get super board and don’t want to do anything.  I prefer being somewhat busy and having a schedule.  Also, it isn’t any fun because I have no money so I literally don’t leave the house because fuel for the car costs money.  Yeah, so I’M SO EXCITED.

In other news, I forced myself to exercise today.  All I did was walk/run a 1.5 mile loop at the local nature reserve.  I really didn’t want to be there and gave myself permission to walk the whole thing if I wanted to.  I only jogged a handful of times but it was better than sitting on the couch!  2016-03-29 10.06.56

tia-1162377734After my walk, I headed over to Starbucks before running errands.  I got my favorites:  Bacon Egg and Gouda sandwich and Iced Coffee Breve.  The guy at the register seemed like he didn’t want to be working and messed up my order but the girl making the drinks fixed it.  How hard is it to hear me say “just cream” and yet you still write “classic syrup” on my cup??  He just annoyed me because he ignored me when I walked up too and the whole interaction seemed difficult for him (PS. I was the only person in line).

Anyway, I want to stop in Staples before hitting the grocery store and I saw my dad walking through the parking lot into Staples!  How funny!  So we did our shopping together before I headed to Shot Rite.

Rob and I had skipped grocery shopping this weekend with all the chaos so I picked up a ton of stuff today.  I had planned on just “the essentials” but I figured if I got it all now, I could skip going this weekend and get by with just a produce run later.

My messy yet organized refrigerator

I didn’t even think about it while shopping, but I signed up for the Primal Blueprint Meal Plan for a month to check it out.  I had been wanting to try it but it’s $10 a month so I didn’t want to spend the money.  The other day, I got an email saying it was only a penny this month!  YES!  Perfect timing!  Except now I have a fridge full of stuff.  I will try to pick some recipes off the meal plan for next week that work with what I have and just kind of wing the rest.  Next grocery trip will be dedicated to the Primal Blueprint meal plan though!

The hardest part of planning next week will be lunches for WORK!  Haha, I have to pack my lunch!  Yay!  Actually, I live only a few miles from work, I could come home if I really wanted to.  But I won’t do that because I want to get on a regular lunch-break-walk routine.  I am thinking that most lunches will just be leftovers from the night before.  That is the easiest way to do it.

Well, I better get going.  I have lots of things I want to do before Monday!  I’ve had months and months but no motivation.  Now I have 5 short days!  There isn’t much but I just want to be ready for Mondays.  Laundry done, outfits picked out, meals planned, etc.  I am going to ROCK my first week!  Smile

Have you ever tried a meal planning service before?

I will write a review of the Primal Blueprint Meal Plan once I try it but there’s at least 2 things I like already.  It gives you the recipes and how long they take to cook.  It also gives you “prep by day” telling you what you need to do ahead of time (like marinating a steak or something).  No thinking required!

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