November Goals

November Goals

I figured today is as good a day as any to talk about my upcoming November Goals.  Usually, I wait until the first of the month but some of these are going to take a little prep over the weekend so I had to do it now!

First off, we have the Back to School Fitness Challenge going on this month!  On Sunday, I will do the fitness test and report my results to you all!  Feel free to join me, you don’t have to tell me how you did if you don’t want to.  Then, I will pick 1 thing to work on and try to improve my score!

Here are the rest of my goals for this month:

8 Glasses of Water
I have been struggling to get all 8 glasses, I’m averaging about 6.  I can do it though!

Track and Eat in Range 25 Days
I was just going to do 20 days but I decided to up the anti (spelling?).  Shoot for 25!  The harder I make it, the harder I try!

1000 Fitness Minutes
I pledged to my FabFit team that I would shoot for 1000 fitness minutes this month.  That used to be easy for me, before working and going to school full time!  I really need to rearrange my workout schedule though to work around my classes!

Run 40 Miles
If I follow my marathon training, this should be cake… If I do my training…

Pack Lunch for School
I was a wreck this week!  I forgot to pack things, forgot to buy stuff at the store.  This one is going to take some planning over the weekend to make my grocery list.  Easy, quick, cold lunch ideas are highly welcomed!!!

Spend Time at Home
Between rugby, school, and work, October was just crazy.  I want to sit around my house, stare at my possessions, pet my cats, and hang out with Rob.  And maybe clean a little and do some chores while I’m there.  I miss my house!!!

So that is really it!  This weekend, I need to sit down and figure out a new workout schedule, revamp my marathon training a bit (I might move down from “Marathon 3” to “Novice 2” or a combination of the 2 – training plans from, and plan my meals for the week!

November Events
November 13 – Free to Breathe 5K
November 18 – Crash the Philly Marathon Running Expo
November 24 – The Fast and the Furriest 5K (still deciding on this one)

What are you goals for November?

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