Nutrition Accountability Week

Nutrition Accountability Week


This week, my friend Kristen (over at Livin’ Life in Louie) and I are making each other accountable by tracking and sharing everything we eat.  I have been really struggling to get moving and losing this weight.  My eats haven’t been great and my fitness is very lacking so being accountable to a friend really helps.  Maybe I’ll skip that dessert or the handful of candy because I don’t want everyone to see.  I know that when I lost the weight the first time, I did a lot of public reporting of my food so I know it helps a ton!

I’ll be trying to take pictures of everything but we just have to “report” it all.  I’ll be sharing everything here on my blog whether it is pictures or just text.  I may or may not track the calories also.  I feel like I should but I dislike doing it and I feel like if I eat healthy enough, calories shouldn’t be as big of a deal.  I’m always so torn on the subject of calorie counting…

The challenging part for me this week is that it is the first week of school!  Classes start on Wednesday but I have meetings on Monday and Tuesday and I work on Thursday and Friday so that means a full week of going back and forth to Philadelphia (commute is 2 hours one way for me).  This will make for one long, stressful week for me.  Wednesday will be over 12 hours out of the house, so I’ll really have to pack and be prepared.  Luckily, I won’t normally have to go up every day once my schedule settles down so this week is just a fluke.

I’ll also be working on getting into my training schedule this week, working my exercise into my busy schedule.  You can see why I made Wednesday a rest day!

Now, I have to be off.  I have some things to take care of for school and then Rob and I are going for a run at the park!

If you’d like to join us, leave a link in the comments so we can all keep each other accountable!
We’re starting today but jump in any time!

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