Officially Barefoot!

Officially Barefoot!

First, I enlisted the services of my chauffeur

Then we headed out to a “local” running shop about an hour away that my friend Tiffany pointed me toward. There is a closer running shop but I heard it was no good. I decided to just make the trip to this one. Anyway, it was the Haddonfield Running Company

I was happy to see the rain cleared up because I knew the area that the shop was in is super cute. The houses are just amazing there! Let’s just say I’ll probably never live in that neighborhood (unless I do really really well in life!)

Anyway, I didn’t get many pictures from the inside of the store except for the shoe wall!

That whole center section is just the barefoot running section! Wow! I had called the store today to ask which brands they carried just to be safe. They have the vibrams, new balance, and merrell. First, I tried on the New Balances

These are cute and stylish. They also came in bright green which makes me happy (but didn’t have my size so I tried on these pink ones). Anyway, These were ok at first but there was slightly more rubber on the outside of the ball of my foot than the inside so it felt like it was pushing my foot inward. The whole point of barefoot running is to have minimal effect on your gate. Obviously, these weren’t going to work for me. Next were the Merrells.

These were ok at first until I started walking around. Well, actually first, I noticed that in order to make them fit my skinny feet, they bunched up by the bottom of the laces. Weird. So when I was walking around, the area around my toes felt huge, like I was wearing shoes too big, but they were the right length. I felt like I was going to trip over the front of the shoe! Another no.

From there, I tried on a few pairs on Vibrams. I liked this one pair but they were a little short. My big toe was hitting the front but when I tried on a size up, my smaller toes had too much space and I felt like I was tripping over too-long shoes again (I just can’t win huh?) Finally, Rob pointed out that the one pair I tried on with the laces, I hadn’t complained about their fit other than that the laces were too long (I had to pull them way tight again for the skinny feet!). I told him to stop being right and tried them on again, so I got them!!! Here they are!

They are the Bilikia LS model. Good for trail or road running, and the laces worked best for my foot shape. I am so excited to try them! It has stopped raining and I’m hoping tomorrow morning, I can run a few times up and down my street for my maiden voyage! I will let you all know how they are!!!

And the day ended with a beautiful rainbow:) Good night all!

4 thoughts on “Officially Barefoot!

  1. So glad it was worth your trip! Hope you were able to have a nice supper while up there…there are some cute places to eat…I've only eaten Valentine's dinner at a fish place…was yummy, definitely a treat!

    Can't wait to hear about how you like running in them! I ran a local 5k today…maybe will blog about it on SP…Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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