One Last Huzzah!

This Friday was Rob and my 6th wedding anniversary!  We used to always go on vacation the week of our anniversary but being in school, that’s not feasible.  Being otherwise boring celebrators, we didn’t have anything special planned.  All we knew is that we had to use our last tickets to the Renaissance Faire this Saturday because it is the last weekend it would be open.

We made a better effort to participate more instead of just walking around like we usually do.  There is so much people-watching you can do there, you can be entertained for hours!  I also made an effort to take pictures with my nice camera for the day so I’ll let the photos tell the story!

Just some shots of the park.

I just loved this woman’s dress!

Shelli Buttons, one of our favorite people at the fair (hence the amount of photos about to come!)

I may or may not have volunteered Rob for this…
And yes those are knives.

This looks like the most fun workout ever.  Where can I sign up?!

She was totally hamming it up for the camera.  She even said “CHEESE!” for the one above left.  Haha!

This was her “Spiderman” move.

Next up was the Sirens.  Each year, there is a group of ladies that sing “adult themed” songs at The Ball & Chain.  We love them too and always make sure to see them!

Can’t wait to see what the theme is next year!


A picture of my costume!

2014-10-25 17.54.13
This might be my current favorite outfit.  Gotta love the little fascinator!

Finally, Rob got me a couple of presents for our anniversary!  You can see the copper rose in the above picture.  Second, check out this awesome ring:


It is called a puzzle ring and has a story behind it that it was made for fiancé while the guy went off to war or something.  She couldn’t take it off (and, ya know, cheat on him), because the ring would fall apart.  I just think it is really, really cool!

That is all for today!  I hope you enjoyed my pictures of the fair.  It is so much fun to go!  It is my favorite one that I’ve been to and thankfully is within driving distance!  Maybe we will look into getting seasons passes next year.

Have you ever gone to a Renaissance Faire?

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