Peanut Butter Overload

If you saw my post yesterday, you will know that I am currently overrun with peanut butter.  I have even more jars hidden behind the ones in the picture!


2 jas Smuckers Natural, 2 jars Teddie All Natural PB with Flaxseed, 2 jars Teddie All Natural Chunky, 2 jars Teddie Organic All Natural Creamy, 1 jar Jif All Natural (my favorite), 1 jar Extra Chunky Skippy (Rob’s)

My initial idea was to reach out to you guys for some ideas for using all this peanut butter!  (With the exception of the chunky Skippy which is Rob’s).  I am still welcoming ideas but I’ve got some rules that make things difficult:

–  I want real meals and not all sweats and snacks.
–  They have to be reasonably healthy.
–  They have to be extremely easy to make.

I don’t have much space to cook so spending hours making granola bars isn’t going to happen.  Also, I was looking mostly for lunch ideas so I don’t have to torture Rob with my PB obsession.  I decided I would google “peanut butter recipes” and see what I could find.  Most of the results gave me treats and desserts but then, my old favorite pulled through for me!  I love Jif (I know, people either like Skippy or Jif and Rob and I are opposite!).  Well, their website ROCKS!  Check this out:


Jif Lunch Recipes

Healthy recipes galore!  Now, I’m not sure about the calories in their recipes but this is awesome!  They had ideas for wraps, pitas, soups, dressings, etc.  LOVE IT!  So I think as a challange for myself (starting next week because I already did my grocery shopping for this week), I am going to try to make at least 1 new peanut butter recipe each week.  And I’m thinking that soup at the top of the website it #1 because it looks delicious!

Actually, I have carrots, cauliflower, and broccoli so I might not have to wait until next week… Hm…  Anyway, this week, I have to use up some bread so its all about the peanut butter banana sandwiches!  Yum!  I like PB&J but they are too sweet sometimes.  I’ve been having too many sweets and having a meal with sweets is just too much.  Somehow banana isn’t as sweet. 

So, any recipe ideas for me?

3 thoughts on “Peanut Butter Overload

  1. I used to make peanut noodles…after I'd make pasta I'd stir in some peanut butter and red pepper flakes…the not pasta would melt the PB into a sauce… Look for maybe Thai Peanut Noodles as a recipe?

  2. Have you ever tried PB and tomato sandwiches? I promise you they are delicious! A family favorite here!

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