Peep Peep!

Good morning everyone!  The Chicken Scoop has some great news!  We have babies!!!

These are some pictures that my sister and my dad sent to me yesterday! Its killing Rob and I that we aren’t home to see it! Rob knew he had 2 hens sitting on eggs and we had about 14 of them hatch. Babies everywhere! I can’t wait to get home today and see them. Maybe get some good use out of my new camera too 🙂

On other news, I got a new car!!!  My car is starting to get high in the mileage and Rob is paranoid since I drive the 2 hours to/from school twice a week.  He also was worried about bad conditions in the winter time.  So we ended up with a Jeep!  I’m super excited.  What a great day!!

I also finally took Rob to my favorite little Irish pub near my school apartment.  It is in the next town over and has amazing food.  It is owned by an Irish family so they know what they’re doing.  I tried an Irish boxty for the first time and it was delicious!  I still like the stew better but this was a nice change.  A boxty is a sort of potato pancake stuffed with things.  I got mine with roast beef and a Jameson sauce.  Yum!

Health and Fitness

I was running around like crazy yesterday and never got a workout in!  Just goes to show I really need to get it done in the morning before my day gets busy.  I even forgot to do my yoga.  My routine is just really off this week but will be back to normal next week.  I love routine!  I can’t wait!

Including today, I have 5 more days:

  Do yoga every day (5 times)
  Run (2 times)
  Strength train (1-2 times)
  Drink my water  (5 times)
  Track my food  (5 times)

I almost forgot!  I joined a fitness challenge on Facebook that a friend invited me too.  I have no idea what it is for or why they set it up but it sounds fun.  It involves points and stuff.  We’ll be “competing” I guess with the other participants.  I’m just going to use it as motivation to get my butt moving.  I want to get at least an hour every day (except 1 rest day).  My daily yoga doesn’t count toward this challenge (unless I do Yoga X which I could count as strength I think).  I just have to remind myself somehow that I’m participating because I might forget.  Post It notes everywhere?!  It is for 4 weeks and I’m excited!

So all good things today.  And for the geeks out there, one more exciting thing.  I got MATLAB on my computer yesterday at work!  I can be really productive now!!!  I was really excited about that.  Its kind of critical to the work I do.  Ok, enough excitement for one day.  Have a great weekend everyone!

4 thoughts on “Peep Peep!

  1. Baby chicks!!! YAY! So cute!

    And the challenge starts July 9th, so we’re almost there. We’re totally going to kick their butts!! (Actually, I’m just setting out to kick my own butt – into shape! *lol*)

  2. Congats on the chickies!
    Nice new wheels, too! I keep thinking I need some new wheels (I have 127+K on mine!) and my AC fan is not working…do I get it fixed, or do I wait and get a new car in a few more months!?!? Trouble is what I want would get the same gas mileage as what I have unless I get the hybrid and can’t afford that one! Guess I’ll just have to wait until I figure it out…
    Have a great challenge!!!

  3. YEAA BABIES!!! they look so cute!! and congrats on the new car. I love that new car smell

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