Power Outage!

Good morning!  Today starts my first day of work! I’m getting ready but thought i would pop in really quick to say hi. Can’t write much because my power is out and I’m blogging from my cell phone. We had those crazy storms over the weekend and a tree fell down the street. Only 2 houses are out so we’re low priority.


We have well water so no power = no water.  Luckily our family had power so we borrowed some generators for our house and my parents house (on the same property).  We have instant hot water which worked out great since we could just plug it into the generator and it only turns on when needed!  This is all great because i could SHOWER for my first day of work!  Haha

As for health, i prepped all my food yesterday (gas stove so no weird plugs like electric stoves!) And tracked all my food for today.  My only goal is to stick to plan today!

No exercise on Friday or Saturday. Then Sunday, i didn’t know if we would have showers and same this morning (running low on gas for the generators). I’ll try to get a few workouts in later this week.

I have to say though, i slept great! I am a very light sleeper so the complete lack of noise last night, i was out like a light (ahaha). Anyway! I better go make my breakfast and finish getting ready. I’m being smart and not getting dressed until right before i leave, 4 cats in shedding season!

Ps. Please excuse typos from using Swype on my phone!

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