Random Musings (Picture Blog!)

Random Musings (Picture Blog!)

I just decided I wanted to throw together some pictures that I’ve taken over the last few days.  They are in a completely random order, possibly not even chronological!

Spooky Cat

Ever feel like you’re being watched while you eat?

Of course I’m a sucker and gave in to that cute face!

Nommies (aka food)

Refreshing Deliciousness

Sugarhill Subs located in Mays Landing, NJ.  If you are ever in the area, you MUST go!  Their chicken cheesesteak is to die for!  Yum!

Snacks from Lauren’s clothing swap party.  Pear tarts I made from scratch (they were ok) and Lauren’s red velvet cupcakes!

They’re all gone!  Finally!!!

Evidence above of my first trip to Golden Corral (buffet).  I don’t think I did too bad!  Didn’t eat all the desserts and tried to try lots of things without going crazy.  Now that I’ve been there, next time I can just go for my favorites.  Oh, and I had 1000+ calories to kill with this meal.  Not bad!

The grocery store was looking extra nice that day.  Gotta love the oatmeal I found too 🙂


 Spring is finally here!!!
 Should have moved those baseball cards… Hm…

3 thoughts on “Random Musings (Picture Blog!)

  1. It's funny how just that little bit further south makes a difference! My daffodils are up, but not open yet, in their defense they are on the cooler, shaded side of our house…can't wait for that sure sign of Spring!

    Loved your other random pix…how fun!

  2. Jealous of your spring!!

    Love Spooky… Giles and Lasher usually sit right beside my chair… They know I'm a messy eater! Or if I'm on the couch they swamp me… Both try to sit on me at once and see who can be closest to the food.

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