Remodeling Day 2

I have absolutely nothing healthy to report for yesterday. I did ok with my eating but I didn’t drink my water and I didn’t run. This is what I came home to after work

Not running friendly at all. Rob and I at least sat down to dinner at our normal time. Oh and after that, the skies were clear for the rest of the night but I don’t run on a fully belly and after that, it was all about painting!

Here are a few before pictures

The men got to handling the carpet

I took charge of the taping like I said I would!

As you can tell, mom was put in charge of documentation (aka the camera). Then it was time to start painting!

Dad had provided many ladders which came in quite handy for my edging duties
Once I was done edging, I decided I needed a snack while Rob still worked hard. Teehee
The color is a grey-brown. Brown to match the flooring and grey to match our bedroom stuff. It kind of reminds me of concrete! I love it though!! Tonight, we put on a second coat so more painting after work!! There is still a ton of furniture in the main room but hopefully it will all find new homes in the next few days.
Then we pull up the floors in there (keeping some pink carpet to make a kitty tree!) and start painting. Move in day is a week away!

3 thoughts on “Remodeling Day 2

  1. Can't wait to see the next steps! LOVE the "concrete" color! I really like earthy tones…they are soothing and calming to me!

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