Rocking My Fitness Challenge

Good morning!  Today marks the half way point in my 8 week fitness challenge with my Facebook Group!  I’ve been doing pretty well with the challenge.  My goal was to exercise 5 days per week:

imageThe yellow check marks are rest days (since I get 2 per week, any more than that got a red x).

Considering that I was averaging about 2 workouts per week for the month before the challenge, I would consider the first 4 weeks to be very successful.

In related news, Rob reactivated my gym membership for me!  I have been tossing around the idea of doing a triathlon next year and access to a pool would be necessary for such a task.  My goal is to do one next June, so that gives me plenty of time to get used to the exercise load necessary for triathlon training.  Also, I haven’t swam laps since high school.

I want to make my gym membership worth it so here is my plan for the next few weeks:


This is just a guideline to work in the classes I like at the gym and to have a balance between running, cycling, and swimming.  Speaking of which, the spin class is at noon so I have to get moving!

Are you a member of a gym?  Where do you prefer to exercise?

When I run, I love being outside.  I can exercise at home but there is something special about having a schedule class to go to.  You can’t be late or procrastinate!

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