Running in Nature

Yesterday was a day full of boring tasks:

  • I washed some dishes
  • I did laundry
  • I wrote a blog
  • I hunted for jobs online
  • I went for a run
  • I finished reading my book

2015-06-08 17.01.02That’s pretty much it!  I need more interesting days, I feel like I am boring myself to tears.  I even read a part of a physics book yesterday for some mental stimulation!  I hope one of these jobs call soon.

The run was really nice.  Rob and I went to a local park that has some low key hilly, fun trails.  We started off on the flat truck road around the park at first but cut into the trails because we were bored.

We did go down one trail covered in poison ivy, of which Rob is terribly allergic.  Whoops!  But most of the trails were clear of any bad plants so we were good.  We did almost have an altercation with some geese who were very upset with us walking anywhere within 20 feet of them.

2015-06-08 17.02.53

We ended up doing 2 miles in about 35 minutes.  Obviously there was a lot of walking but I was huffing and puffing most of the time due to the steep hills.  I would rather run around this park all day than meet my split times (i.e. the 2 minutes run, 1 minute walk).

2015-06-08 17.21.51

I really enjoy being out in the woods.  When I was younger, I used to go “hiking” behind my parents house all the time.  There is a stream that runs along the length of the property and a deer trail that follows along it.  Then the trail cuts out of the woods into their field before the next road.  I even had a hiking stick (even though it wasn’t necessary because it was nothing but flat – but it helped with crossing the stream).  The trail is terribly short (maybe 1/4 of a mile MAX) but I enjoyed walking around in nature, listening to the birds and wind.

I am pretty sore today from the run even thought it wasn’t very fast.  The trails really work muscles you didn’t know you had.  There is a lot of soft sand in the park and trees to climb over.  That is what makes it more fun and interesting!

2015-06-09 11.03.39I really thought about running again today but when I rolled out of bed, my body said no.  I am going to work on some more job hunting and cleaning today.  I have comfy clothes on so instead of a typical workout, I might just incorporate strength exercises throughout the day.  I will keep track on my cute mini clip board!

I don’t want to push myself too hard today because I have a really exciting, active weekend planned.  I am going to be TOAST by Monday!  I’m so excited!

Do you pace your workouts when you have plans coming up?

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