Running Slowly Again

Today officially marks the start of my new journey into running!  I’ve made a training schedule for the next 7 months, all leading up to the Philadelphia Rock’N’Roll Half Marathon September 18th.  The schedule is very slow and gradual but I don’t want to rush anything.

I decided to string together multiple race training plans and chose 3 plans from  I’ve been using his plans since I started running in 2009 (they’re free!).  Here’s my schedule:

  • February 15-April 10:  5K Novice Plan (8 weeks)
  • April 11-April 24:  Rest / Low Mileage / Cross Training (2 weeks)
  • April 25-June 19:  10K Novice Plan (8 weeks)
  • June 20-June 26:  Rest / Low Mileage / Cross Training(1 week)
  • June 27-September 18:  Half Marathon Novice 2 Plan (12 weeks)

My first run today was 1.5 miles.  I did it on the treadmill and alternated walking at 3 mph for 0.1 miles with jogging at 5 mph for .15 miles.  My breathing felt good but the muscles in my shins and calves were screaming.  The weight I’ve gained is not kind to my poor legs but they will have to deal with it until some pounds come off.

I wore my heart rate monitor today was well, which doesn’t always work great.  My normal running heart rate used to hover around 140-150 beats per minute when I jogged, but it was hitting almost 160 today.  That will improve over time, as my fitness gets better.  I tried to get my HR back down to 140 during each walking segment but didn’t want to walk too much either.  During my last jog, I picked up the pace to 6mph and my heart rate started to go up, which is when the HRM went kaput.  It was handy while it worked.

I’m not signed up for the half marathon (yet), but if I don’t start now, I have no chance of running it.  It is better to just start running now and decide later!  So for now, I’ll be doing Bullpen MWF and running TTh and either Saturday or Sunday.  That will be the hardest part since Rob and I aren’t used to fitting in exercise on the weekends.  We used to do it though and will have to find the time again!

Now I’m off to relax for the evening while Rob is at the gym!  Night!

5 thoughts on “Running Slowly Again

  1. I’m getting back into running as well. I’ve been out of it at least 4 years and I’m starting slow as well. My big welcome back race is in November, the route 66 marathon. Good luck in your training!

    1. It has been about 4 years for me too! I painfully ran a few races without training in that time but I wasn’t prepared at all. Good luck with your marathon training!!!

  2. This is basically what I’m doing for my marathon too (I’m hopefully doing Philly in November!). I’m trying to recover from my injury fully while also gaining strength and beginning to build a base before training starts in July. I am sending you tons of good luck on your plan, and hopefully we can both run our goal races with no more injuries!

    1. Injury free would be awesome! I am still babying an old ankle problem with just a little Achilles tendinitis now. We will both be strong come the fall, ready for our races!! (And Philly is an awesome race – I may or may not add that to my calendar too but just the half!)

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