Saying Hello to the Old Me

Saying Hello to the Old Me

I feel like I’ve been hanging out with an old friend lately.  My old self.  You know, the self from about 2 and a half years ago who had no clue what nutrition really meant or that exercising had to be done on a consistent basis in order to get anywhere.  Yeah, that old self.  The one I never wanted to see again. 
Its really not so nice seeing her again.  You would think it would be easy to fall back into old times like a familiar blanket but it’s the total opposite.  I think we’ve grown apart; we really have nothing in common anymore. 
She really doesn’t have any motivation to do anything active.  She is always tired and a little slow to go.  It’s like she has no energy.  If only she knew that getting out there would actually give her more energy.  If she would just throw on those dusty running sneakers, she might feel better.
As for meals together, they are very difficult.  It is nothing but quick packages meals and take out.  She is rather busy right now but I’m hoping that when her schedule opens up she starts to cook more.  She really needs to add more vegetables to her diet though and drink more water.  She tries to get 8 glasses but it always seems a struggle.
I’ve been spending a lot of time with her the past week or so out of necessity.  With the time constraints on the move, I ended up seeing her a lot.  She kept ordering pizza and stopping for fast food since we didn’t have time to cook a real meal anyway.  She also keeps saying we don’t have time to work out.  I kept whining about this one but she won out anyway.  At least I got her to carry some heavy moving boxes and walk over 10,000 steps moving all the stuff out. 
I’m really not happy seeing her this much all at once.  I hope that our times together are few and far between from here on out.  This week and a half spent together has been too long.  This afternoon, I am going to leave her behind and head out for a relaxing, easy run.  She might pop in now and then for the next few days but I hope she’s pretty much done her stay at our place.  I’m sure I’ll see her again when I need someone to share a mega ice cream sundae with but just not on a daily basis again.  Her way of life is nothing like mine anymore.  We’ve just drifted apart, going our own ways.  It was a nice reminder of the past though and how far I’ve come, but it’s time to move on and be the healthy, fit person I am now.

7 thoughts on “Saying Hello to the Old Me

  1. Love this post. I revisit the old me when I'm working hard and traveling as well. The good part about it is that I (and you) recognize that it's just a temporary visit back—and to be honest, sometimes that quick slice of pizza and an hour more of sleep rather than working out really does make you feel better—if not in the long run, right now.

    You are incredible! Enjoy following your journey 🙂

  2. Sometimes, Obese Anne takes over the reigns, and it's usually not a fun ride. It does not leave me feeling my best. And then I get tired, and much like you did with this blog, I snap out of it, tell her to eff off and get back in control of my life. Next thing you know, I'm bouncing with energy, excited about my workouts and the delicious, healthy meals I'll be cooking. You've got this girl! Perhaps she came back just to remind you that she is NOT you anymore!

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