School, Running & Remodeling

I have a lot of stuff going on right now!  First off, I got accepted into Grad School with funding!!!  Woohoo!  The funding is only for a year and you have to reapply every year but I plan on kicking butt so they will be happy to provide it again!  Hehe 🙂  Anyway, classes start August 29th so I have to call people ASAP about this stuff!  I have to register for classes and everything still!

Second thing going on is my half marathon training which isn’t really going on.  I am struggling!  Time, heat, excuses, whatever.  Its time to get cracking!  In order to concentrate, I’m only going to run from now until the half.  No ST, no cross training, just good ol’ running.

Third thing, I’m moving!  My grandmother lived next door to my parents (where I live) in somewhat of a guest house.  Basically a little apartment.  She passed away pretty recently and my parents told Rob and I that we would eventually move into the apartment.  Well, my sister has run into some issues with the place she and her family are renting and needs a place to stay ASAP so that spend up our moving quite a bit!  We wanted to remodel before moving and managed to get the supplies we need with such short notice.  We’ve started cleaning out the furniture and stuff and are getting ready since my sister needs to move by the 18th!  That’s next week!!!  So this is going to be the fastest remodel you’ve ever seen.  LoL.  It works out kind of well though because then I will be done before I go to school!  One less thing to worry about! 

Anyway, last night, we managed to move our 5 truckloads of furniture all to good homes and go through some of the stuff.  I’ve also been scanning pictures like crazy to share with the family.  Check this one out of my mom when she was a baby

Anyway, there are just hundreds of pictures and I’ve been plugging away.  Last night, I took a break from that to get supplies from Home Depot with Rob.  We want to make sure we have everything ready to go when we can start painting and such.  First, we picked out paint colors.  We brought a piece of the new flooring we got (for cheap!!) to match the colors.

Pink just isn’t my color.  Here is the current flooring:

Then we decided to look for a new chandalier since the one in the house now is wood and gold.  Again, not my color scheme.

We did find one we liked but the man helping us couldn’t find the box.  He offered us the floor model (which was 50% off the original price) for an extra 15% off!  Couldn’t pass it up!  You will see which one once we are all moved in 😉

Tonight will be spent scanning more pictures (almost done!!!) and taping off molding and cabinets.  That way, when we are all ready, we can just start painting!  So excited, I love decorating and love the clean slate!  More pictures later and I’ll be sure to take “before” and “after photos too!

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