She’s Alive!

She’s Alive!

I know, I skip one day of blogging and I feel like its been a month.  LoL!  I just get so excited every day to write that I feel like I’m lost without it!  Anyway!!!

What is there to say really?  I feel squishy.  Yep, you read that right.  Squishy.  I haven’t worked out in FOREVER!  This cold is still lingering.  I think it has a lot to do with that fact that I am dehydrated.  Of course, today at school, they are out of water for the water cooler (and remember my Water Snob post?).  I guess I’ll have to hunt down a vending machine later!

But the point is, I’m working on my water.  Right now, I just have this annoying sniffle that won’t go away and a little cough.  The good news is that I am in decent shape to do my half marathon weekend!  At least when it comes to the cold.

My legs might disagree.  I am really worried about how far I can make it in this race.  It will have been 4 weeks since my last long run.  That is a LONG time!  The last one, my legs killed the last 2 miles but then again, I started off hard since I was trying to keep up with someone else.  This time, I will be on my own completely so I can set my own pace at the start.  I am thinking that I will do an easy jog to each water station and then walk through the water station.  That way I have regular walking breaks.  I can totally complete the miles, even if its all walking!  And I am excited to take part for the 3rd consecutive year!

Anyway, on to other news, I picked my Marathon Training plan!  Sort of…  You all knew I would end up doing my own thing, right?  Cause I’m predictable like that!  Anyway, I did lay out Hal Higdon’s Marathon 3 plan on my google calendar as a guideline.  I will follow the rules I laid out in my other blog (First Marathon, Help!).   Here is the basic outline again:

  • Monday:  Strength/Cross Train
  • Tuesday:  Medium Length Run
  • Wednesday:  Strength/Cross Train (or rest)
  • Thursday:  Speedwork
  • Friday:  Rest day
  • Saturday:  Long Run
  • Sunday:  2-3 miles (or rest)

I got some other really great advice from my wonderful friends that I will keep in mind throughout the training too!  Next up is to figure out how I’m going to fuel my body through all of this.  I know how to eat properly but I also want to make sure I’m eating enough/not too much.  I don’t want to gain that 5lbs that every marathoner seems to gain.  Just because I run doesn’t mean I get to eat whatever I want!  Anyway, I really want a plan too because my eating has been way off where it should be.  I don’t know yet if I’m going to worry about macronutrients (how many carbs? how much protein??  what about fat?!)  because it gets overwhelming!  But having a plan keeps me in line!

So there are my random thoughts for today.  I must go because its still midterms week!  I have one more take home midterm due tomorrow and then I’m done (and then the homework starts again anyway!)  Let’s hope this weekend is light on homework because I am REALLY busy again.  Surprised?  Me neither!  LoL!  Have a good Tuesday!!!

3 thoughts on “She’s Alive!

  1. You so know what you're doing! Whatever you do is bound to be perfection. =)

    I always watch what you eat and think, "wow, I wonder if I'm eating too little and that's why I'm not losing", because you keep losing/maintaining while I keep fluctuating up, even though I keep about an -800 deficit. =/

    Excited for you to feel better and run your half next weekend – and for your marathon soon!!

  2. Haha I see your blog and think "I eat way too much! Look at all her veggies! And how much she works out!". I have been creeping up a little. Blog on that this weekend. PROMISE!

  3. Haha, it's such a fine line, isn't it?? Eat too little and you'll gain… eat too much and you'll gain. Will someone please just give me all the answers?

    I have yet to get under 150 though, so I'm pretty sure your ways are working better than mine, lol.

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