Skipping the Cardio

My workout went great yesterday!  I am always a little apprehensive about doing no cardio at all when I go to the gym but I have to trust in the system and know that the lifting is the right way to go for me.  Also, I do not want to completely exhaust myself when I am the gym or I might not survive my 14 school hour day on Thursday.

Anyway, I ended up downloading a routine on JEFit (an app and website that is great for live workout tracking) for powerlifting that another user made.  The great thing is that you can download other people’s routines and then modify them.  I found that the workout just took way too long so I cut some things out and will make more modifications for next time.


Today, I’m definitely that good kind of sore today and can’t wait to get to leg day tomorrow!  (Strategically placed on a day such that I don’t have to move much for the 2 days after!  Ha!)  Then Sunday will be Bis, Tris, & Shoulders.  Both of my shoulders have been bothering me lately though so I plan on taking it easy on them until they are stronger.

In other news, I really stink at this meal timing thing.  My Thursdays are really broken up so I ate breakfast at 9:30 (long story – 5AM wake up call, exploding eggs, and a 45 minute delayed train).  Then I had a chance to eat again at 12 but I wasn’t that hungry (ate my lunch anyway, as it was small).  Now is my next chance to eat.  Then it is class from 4:30 to 6 so I have to eat before or I will never survive!  I should get home around 9 tonight.  It’s a long day to say the least.

The moral of the story is that I either need to pack better snacks or eat smaller, more frequent meals.  I’m very much a 3-meals-a-day person so I don’t like either of those options but it is what it is!  I have 2 snacks in my bag but I didn’t want either.  LoL.  Maybe I’m just too picky.

Enough babble for today.  Off to eat dinner before the last long haul of the day!

Have you or anyone you know lose inches and body fat doing mostly weight training over cardio?

2 thoughts on “Skipping the Cardio

  1. Always better to eat even just at snack if you’re going to have to go long before your next meal. I’m also a 3 meal girl, but with my new work schedule I have to have a snack since I don’t have an opportunity for lunch at a good “lunch time”. Sometimes we need to make adjustments to our preferences when the schedule doesn’t cooperate!!!

  2. I am totally opposite than you have Tiffany in that I like snacks. Cashews, pecans, celery with almond butter, are my go tos!

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