Snoozing Through My Workouts: 5 Tips to Make Morning Exercise Easier

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The first 2 weeks of my 8 week fitness challenge are done and I really dropped the ball in week 2.


I was super busy Thursday through Sunday and I didn’t make the time to get in some exercise.  Even though I did more walking than usual, I didn’t hit my 7,000 step mark which I count as an “active day”.

AlarmClockWhat I really need to do is move my workouts to first thing in the morning.  Right now, I plan them to be in the afternoon but my schedule hasn’t allowed for that.  Most of those busy days, I didn’t think I would be out all day but that is how it ended up.  By the time I got home, it was either too late or I was exhausted.

By exercising first thing in the morning, I won’t have any excuses.  This sounds so easy to implement but can really be a struggle for me.  I have some ideas on how to make it an easier transition though.

1.  Set a Soothing Alarm

I really dislike alarm clocks.  Waking up naturally would be ideal but when is life ideal?  I need to find a nice alarm, maybe even just turn the alarm on my phone to vibrate.  Something that won’t make me see red first thing in the morning!

2.  Open The Shades

Instead of snoozing right away, I should reach over and open the black out curtains (I don’t even have to get out bed to do this).  Natural light is a perfect way to wake up and feel energized in the morning!  Then, force myself to open my eyes and not try to drown out the morning by hiding under the covers.

3.  Eat Dinner Earlier

I’ve gotten into a bad habit of eating late in the day.  This can affect digestion and keep me awake at night, leading to poor sleep and a difficult time getting out of bed in the morning.  Early dinner and no snacks in the evening should help!

4.  Drink More Water

Being dehydrated can’t be good for energy levels.  I know I haven’t been drinking enough water so this should help me feel better all day, not just in the mornings.  I have a water cup next to my bed so if I wake up in the night, I should drink a bit to ensure I’m hydrated for my morning workout.

5.  Plan Ahead

I always thought it was silly to lay out your clothes the night before.  At least knowing what I am workout I plan to do in the morning would make things easier.  That means checking the weather and prepping my gear the night before (charge Garmin, make sure clothes are washed and ready, etc.).  Then I don’t have to make any decisions when I’m half awake.  I just have to throw on my clothes and go!

This is where I’ll start and, until I have all 5 down, I won’t try to add anything else.  Now, I have to get today’s workout in before it is too late!  Tomorrow morning will be my first morning challenge!

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