Stepping Back

For a number of reasons to follow, I’ve decided that I am going to do the half marathon in March instead of the full marathon.  This took a lot of debating for a while now and I finally mentioned it to Rob this weekend.  We talked about it and decided it was probably the best idea for me for these reasons:

  1. Injury and Sickness
  2. 5 and a half hour time limit
  3. Doing it alone

Not only did I have no time last semester to train but then I was slammed with injuries and sickness over winter break, setting my training back even more.  This last weekend I was “scheduled” to do 16 miles and I squeeked out 12.5 (that last half mile was pretty rough).  There was no way I was doing another 3.5 miles that day.  The thought of doing the following weekend was equally painful to think of!

I also payed attention to my time on this run and it was about 12:30 minutes per mile pace.  This was a decent pace that I had to try to maintain and this would put me at an expected marathon finish time of 5 hours and 27 minutes.  I wanted my first marathon to be relaxed, one where I could walk if I wanted and take my time if I needed to.  At this rate, there would be no relaxing in order to make sure I finished before the cut off time!  I don’t want to be stressed over my pace for the entire 26.2 miles for my first marathon and there just isn’t enough time to really improve on my pace in order to have a better finish time.

Additionally, a bunch of online fitness friends will also be attending this event and they are all doing the half.  Now, that wouldn’t deter me normally if I wasn’t already leaning toward dropping down, but I know me and the last half of the marathon, I would be thinking (for 13 miles) that everyone else is already finished and having fun hanging out.  Bummer.

So for now, the marathon is on the back burner and doing an awesome job in another half is now my goal.  Yes, I could really push myself and finish the marathon but I don’t think it would be pretty and I am sure other things would suffer (no energy makes it hard to do homework).  I am a little disappointed and bummed that I’m backing down but I know its what’s best for me right now in my life.  A marathon will be in my future!  Just not in March 🙂

5 thoughts on “Stepping Back

  1. Yeah! Then we can hang out together when we’re all done!!! You are so good at listening to your body…you’ll do a full in the future…I just know it! 🙂

    1. Yes! I was really bummed about that part, missing hanging out with everyone. My group on Facebook is trying to coordinate doing a late lunch/early dinner just outside the city after the race. I will keep you in the loop!

  2. I’m glad you are doing what is best for you and your body! You wouldn’t want to get hurt and then even run in the Rock N Roll Full in St Louis hahaha.
    ps. I am EXTREMELY jealous of all the bloggers on the East coast that get together and run races together. I still havent found that here in the Lou

    1. There are people from all over coming to the DC race! My Facebook group has been planning it since July. So don’t feel lonely, this is a fluke. Besides, there are at least 2 people coming to see you in October!!

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