Stuff for Motivation

Stuff for Motivation

Hey everyone!  I had started a blog yesterday but didn’t have time to finish it.  I found mistakes so I have to work on some more until I can publish it (it is like a Food Showdown blog).  Anyway!  Things have been nutso this week!  I haven’t had a crazy amount of homework so I was able to take it pretty easy at first but then all these little things started building up.  I have to do 3 errands just today!  That is between work, driving the 2 hours to school, and going to class.  Tomorrow, I have work and then I’m going to the Philadelphia Marathon Expo for fun (and then a night out in Philly with Rob).  Nothing fancy, just going to find some food while we’re there.  Saturday, I have to get all my chores done and bake for Lauren’s party that night.  Sunday will be spent doing the loads of homework I got this week.  UGH!  Luckily half of the Quantum is already done.  The Optics is always the hardest but I got a textbook I ordered in the mail yesterday.  Woohoo!  The textbook he told us to buy for the class ended up being completely useless.  He recommended this one later in the class.

Anyway!  The plan for this weekend is to squeeze a run in after work tomorrow, run on Saturday morning as far as I can, and run a few miles on Sunday.  I really need to get back into a regular schedule.  I complain a lot about it because I should be marathon training!  Yes, I’ve gained a little.  Yes,  I haven’t had time.  But I have to be able to run this marathon in March!  And I don’t want to be miserable the whole time!  I might revamp my workout schedule too.  Right now, its 6 days a week with 2 of those days as cross training and 1 strength training.  It is also an intermediate running schedule so it has higher mileage than a beginner plan.  I am thinking about adjusting down to the Novice 2 plan from  It is not as extreme and is only 5 days a week I think of just running.  Less total mileage too.  And I could just throw in a workout DVD twice a week for my strength training.  Then I will have a minimum baseline to shoot for to get me through this.  Marathoners, what do you think?

In other news, I got my present to myself in the mail yesterday!  I am so bad, I am a member of OpenSky, a website where you can follow celebrities (basically) and see what they put up for sale (i.e. their favorite things).  I follow Tina Haurpert from Carrots’N’Cake and Jackie Warner (of course!! I love her!!!)  (By the way, if you join, let me know!!!  I get credit and I got some sort of $10 gift card thingy to give to a new member too, don’t know how it works but first come first serve for you guys!)  Anyway!  Jackie was having a sale.. First up, a signed copy of her book!!!

You are probably thinking, “Don’t you already have this book” and the answer is yes…  BUT buying it was sort of like my promise to read it over again and follow it as my kickstart back into health.  So now that I have it, I have to read it again.  Now then, what to do with my extra copy?  I also got a new DVD!

I think the website said it hasn’t been released elsewhere yet but I’m not sure.  I was just thought “I love her DVDs and I don’t have this one!!!” so I got it.  I am going to try to do it twice a week while I marathon train.  I’m sure it will kick my booty!  Oh, and while the book is sold out, this DVD is still available 🙂

So there are my new fun things to play with.  I can’t play with the DVD unless I actually do it right??  See how this works?  LoL.  And reading about eating healthy while munching on junk food just doesn’t mesh.  So excited!

Not much other news really.  Just super duper busy.  You will probably see only a few blogs in the next few weeks because I am pretty bogged down with homework.  I will also be picking up the keys to my apartment on Monday so moving will take a lot of time (I still have to pack up things to take with me!  Eek!)  Once finals are over, I should be able to take a few days to move stuff and settle in.  I will be totally ready for next semester!  Oh, and I cannot wait!  The school is completely closed for a whole week between Christmas and New Years!  Now, you are probably thinking “well, don’t you get winter break?” but as a grad student, you are an employee and have to be there year-round.  So that one week off is SO EXCITING to me!  I plan on updating my blog, adding some pages, and just getting my life all settled and straightened out before the craziness of Spring semester starts again!

Alright, time to head to work.  Have a happy Thursday!!!

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