Successful Day!

Good morning! Yesterday was a great day!!!

emoticon I got my 8 glasses of water in easily!

emoticon I tracked all my food and stayed in my calorie range! (1566)

emoticon I had a treat when I was craving one but kept it reasonable.

emoticon I pushed through an hour long bike ride!

Seriously, it was so easy to get my water in. Just because instead of trying to sip all day, I just chugged 2 glasses at a time. I wonder if there is a difference in hydration levels if you do that. Hm, something to blog about! Also, I was just content with my food for the day. I ate lunch early and then was craving something sweet. I headed down to the lunch place here and grabbed a small latte and an oatmeal cookie. Their cookies are just to die for. But I ate my one cookie and was content. I didn’t have any other snacks yesterday other than that cookie!

Rob decided he wanted to ride bikes last night. We headed out right after work after some tedious repairs and things (air in tires, put water bottle holder on Rob’s bike, forgot pump so had to go get it, etc.). Finally, we headed to Starbucks, about 6 miles away. The one road was a little hairy because of minimal shoulder and lots of overgrowth from trees. I harrassed Rob about tree trimming (hehe, its his job, he works for the township!). He said he would see what he could do (cause it was making him annoyed too! LoL). Anyway, on our way back, Rob got a serious flat. 2 inch screw in the tire. We pulled out the patch kit and got started. The patch held for… 1/4 mile. Another flat. We were close to Rob’s friends house so we pumped it up again and headed there. He hitched a ride home in the truck but we were only like 4 miles from the house so I decided to ride home alone! I could have easily gotten a ride but I decided I really wanted to finish my bike ride for the day! Woohoo!

I think that is all the news for today. I have a dentist appointment tonight and then will need to eat dinner so I’m not sure if I will fit a workout in (I go to bed at 9). I peeked outside this morning for a run but it is seriously dark that early. I am afraid to run at like 8PM because I don’t know if I’ll be able to sleep then. Also, its really humid today which never helps a run! Anyway, have a great healthy fun day everyone!

emoticon What healthy thing did you succeed in yesterday? emoticon

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