To Do List

To Do List

Today is the first day of my November goals! So let’s do this! This is what I need to do today:

  • emoticon Drink at least 8 glasses of water
  • emoticon Eat in my ranges (which requires tracking all my food)
  • emoticon Eat lunch at home
  • emoticon Pack dinner to take to school
  • emoticon Get my homework done for tomorrow, study my notes for today
  • emoticon Talk to one professor today about classes or research (I have a list of people I need to see)
  • emoticon Do push ups and sit ups before bed
  • emoticon Figure out a new workout schedule

I just don’t have time for serious workouts on Tuesday and Thursday. I can squeeze something in between work and school when I don’t have much work but I have homework that needs to get done so that is priority. Mondays and Wednesdays, I get home around dinner time so you’d think I’d have time to workout. Yesterday, I squeezed in a workout but then I was behind on homework. Ugh! No time! Seriously, I just hardly have time to do anything and there is really nothing that can be cut from my schedule. Next semester will be better but until then, I have to deal!

Sorry to vent, just saying, I’m trying here!! I wish I could figure out a consistent schedule but my workload changes almost daily. This weekend, hopefully I can get caught up on everything (including laundry, Rob even volunteered to do it for me because its built up that bad, lol). Just taking it day by day!

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  1. How about wall squats while you do your reading? Yes if someone suggested that to me when I was in grad school, I would have thrown something at them 🙂

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