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Hey everyone!  It has been a busy week around and I’ve been feeling really run down.  We’re about mid way through the semester so everything is getting crazy.  Lots of work, lots of studying, lots of research, little sleep.

So on Saturday, with everything piling up, I decided to stay home from rugby!  I love being there for Rob but I really needed a day off and he agreed.  I spent most of the day slowly getting work done in between housework like laundry and cleaning.  You can only put off those things for so long before you can no longer see the surface of your desk.

Once I reached my crashing point and wasn’t being productive, I decided to set out for a run.  I am trying to stick with regular workouts so that when half marathon time comes at the end of November, I’m not completely unprepared.  I know it won’t be a stellar show but I can at least survive it and be proud that I completed it, after committing to it.  I thought I would have been a lot more prepared but that is besides the point.  I also didn’t realized how hard it would be getting back into running.

So anyway, I had been thinking about how great C25K was because of the set intervals.  Lately, I’ve been running by feel but I usually feel like walking and stopping.  So I needed a better plan that that.  There are runners who follow The Galloway Method which was developed by Jeff Galloway as a way to run marathons.  Basically, you do intervals for the entire distance.  He recommends this for everyone, not just beginners (his book has training plans for times all the way down to 2:39 marathon finish time!).  I always thought it was a 4:1 ratio (in minutes, run 4 minutes, walk 1 minute), but I was flipping through my copy of his book though and realized that he recommends a lower ration like 2:1 for slower runners.  I thought 2:1 would be annoying, since my watch would be beeping so often.  Instead, I decided to try a 3:2 ratio and it went great!


I’m really happy with the pace too.  14 minute miles isn’t going to break any records but I have to learn to be happy with where I’m at.  I managed to complete every 3 minute segment, even with tight legs for the first 3 miles and tired legs for the last 3 miles (the middle mile was probably the only good one!).  I also had a some steam left in the engine when I finished, meaning I could have probably pushed for at least another mile if I needed to.  This is good news since I’ll be maxing out at 10 miles before race day.

So that was just one long run.  I just need to keep them up and add in more weekly runs to get in decent shape for this race.  There is a 16-minute-mile time limit so it looks like I will be okay for that.  As long as I keep getting in regular workouts, I will be able to walk/jog to that finish line!

3 thoughts on “Up and Running

  1. My plan for my marathon this fall is to use a 5/1 routine. I’ll run a bit faster at MCM, but stick to the intervals. I known i can finish, and in a strong way. Hoping to PR at least one of the races.

    Get your weekday runs in. (adjust the schedule as needed)… It makes the long runs easier. I know I’m not telling you anything new!

    I know you benefit mentally & physically from the runs. You got this!

    1. I have never used regular intervals on all my runs and I kind of like it! I might try a shorter ratio for my shorter weekly runs like 3:1. I know I need to do my weekday runs but sometimes you need to hear it again 😉 I’ve noticed this past week that I’m more productive in the evenings after my work out! All the more reason to do them!!

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