Weekend & 5K Report!

Will I ever get a completely free weekend?  No, I don’t think so either.  Ah well, at least it makes for interesting blogs.  I wish I had more time yesterday to blog so I could have split these up.  Anyway!

Friday, I was feeling super cute in my new jeans from Target for 4.95!  AWESOME!  So I snuck a picture in the bathroom at work.  Hehe 🙂  Rob and I stayed home Friday which bored me out of my mind but he is always tired from work.  He took a cute picture of me on the couch.  Otto (one of the kittens) cuddled with me for like 3 hours.  Seriously, Otto loves me!

Saturday, Rob was working overtime (yeah paid overtime!  Woohoo!) so I was free to do as I pleased.  I wanted to run errands after I worked out.  I played my UFC Trainer game for Kinect (it is really a workout and not a game) and had a blast!  I punched and kicked away for about 25 minutes.  Can’t wait to play that game again!  My arms were pretty sore this morning.  Took a picture for a challenge for my Fabulous Fitness team (on Facebook and Spark People).  Anyway, so with my free day, I invited my mom out for breakfast and errands.  Well, we went to breakfast and got side tracked in Historic Smithville.  They have a bunch of cute shops and it was such a beautiful day, how could we pass it up?

 This was a cute little figurine they had at the breakfast place.  How adorable!!!

 OMG, Vera Bradley overload!  I got a new wallet and had to resist the rest!  This was in a florist that I always skipped.  Not anymore!

 This shop (above) had an amazing loose leaf tea selection.  You could fill a little baggie or a little mason jar.  I got a baggie full of one of their green teas and I can’t wait to try it!  They had a bunch of other cool stuff too (like this magazine called “Mary Jane’s Farm” I think.  It was awesome but I wasn’t in the mood for buying it).

We stopped at the bakery and our stuff just looked so cute on the flowery tablecloth! Anyway,  it was an excellent day spent with mom just walking and chatting.  Definitely nice to enjoy the beautiful weather too!

I came home to the most wonderful surprise ever:

I follow “Tina Haurpert” (blogger Carrots ‘N’ Cake) on Open Sky, a website where she can post her favorite products.  You may remember a while back when I bought stainless steel straws from there. I was so excited to get my 6 jars of Teddy Peanut Butter.  I have problems:

So I’m going to be eating a whole lot o’ peanut butter for a while!  YUM!!!

In other news, we have a broody hen!!!  That means that one (actually 2) of our hens are sitting on their eggs (and others) trying to hatch them.  It about 2 weeks we are going to have more chicks!  We have to separate them from the rest of the chickens though or the roosters will try to kill the chicks.  I guess we’re going to be busy figuring that out this week!

I also checked on my garden and things are looking good!  Can’t wait to reap the labors of my hard work!

Saturday afternoon we had to make an appearance at a barbecue and then we headed home early to get ready for my 5K today!  I set out my clothes and got everything ready:

You have got to love my orange shorts, right?  I have a little bit of an obsession with bright colors 🙂  Here are some pictures from our 5K.  It was Christmas in July for the Salvation Army but apparently they don’t make red for women in workout clothing!!!  Hence the crazy colors.  Oh, and I officially made the conversion to sports undies.  The blue things are underwear shorts.  Best. Purchase. Ever.  Loved them today during my race!  Never going to wear normal undies during a workout ever again!!!  So now you’ve seen the true color of my shorts, on to the pictures where the sun washed out the color for the photos:

Of course, we had to get a picture with Santa!  I was running this with my friend Lauren who you’ve all heard of before.  Her friend Kate was there too who I’ve met a few times.  The above picture would have been super cute if that mean guy didn’t try to blow past me!  Oh well!
I wasn’t really sure what I was going to do today but I was feeling pretty good.  I got hung up in the start line sprint and it felt good so I kept a steady speed.  I checked my Garmin a few times (which actually worked today!!) to make sure the pace wasn’t *too* fast though.  Kate was right behind me and asked about our pace and I laughed that she knew why I kept checking my watch.  I hung out with her and her hubby for the first 2 miles.  I couldn’t believe how quick we were!  During the second half (it was an out and back), it was HOT and I was feeling overheated.  Around 2.25 miles, I decided to slow down a bit and let them go.  If it wasn’t so hot, I would have been able to hang at that pace I think!

With the finish line in sight, only about .10 to go, I could hear heavy breathing to my back left that… sounded like Lauren’s boyfriend!  Eek!  So I picked it up but his long 6’2 legs just slaughtered me and he beat me by about 2-3 seconds!  Haha!!!

That is Joe and see my bright orange shorts back there???  But I came in quickly!

 30:04!  My current PR!  My 5Ks have just been getting faster since my first one.  This is a good streak I need to keep up!  And Lauren rolled in about a minute later!

I am so glad Lauren kept with the running.  She is doing great with it, seriously.  She is smoking my times from my 5Ks!  Anyway, we got a post run sweaty picture:

Just same random pictures.  We hung around for a while since one of the guys had put in tickets for the penny auction.  I also said since it was such a small 5K that we should wait for the awards.  They all laughed at me, saying we were all too slow.  I just reminded them that maybe there were so few people in the age group that one of us might have a chance.  Well, Lauren got 3rd place in her age group!!!!  She was so shocked and I was happy for her!!

She was totally shocked and excited!  She got a cool medal and a gift card to Wendy’s (which happens to be across the street from her house, lol).  Here is my race report from my Garmin:

Garmin Website

At first I was bummed I didn’t beat a 30 minute 5K (by 4 seconds!!!) but then I realized that a 5K is 3.1 miles, not 3!!!  So my average pace was 9:40!  That is super fast for me!!!  Also, my last 1/10 of a mile, my pace was 8 minute/mile!  Wow!  I am definitely getting a little faster 🙂  This was definitely a fun race today, way better than I was expecting.  I think I am going to pick more small 5Ks like this one to run.  Big races are fun to do when they are long ones because they are better supplied but for a 5K, it doesn’t really matter.  Its all about the fun and raising money! Oh, and the best part about running in Atlantic City?  We got to the outlets afterwards.  This is my version of Heaven:

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