Weekend Plans and Goals

Weekend Plans and Goals

It is shaping up to be a fabulous weekend!  Tonight, I am excited to head over to Atlantic City for the race expo and packet pick up!  That’s right!  Its race weekend!!  Then probably dinner out with Rob (since I’m sure we’ll be short on time and famished).  Then hopefully home for some quiet time.

Tomorrow is a full day of Rugby in Lancaster, one of our favorite places.  We are going up early to stop at a little tiny Amish pie shop for some ShooFly Pie.  Yum!  Then its off to the Bards after the game as usual!

Sunday is the big race day!  My plan is to walk/run it and just finish.  Don’t care about the time at all.  I haven’t run since my last race, the Philly Rock and Roll Half!  The first weekend, I just skipped my run due to rain (I know, bad excuse!) and then I got sick and couldn’t run!  What can I do?  Well, I can complete this weekend without getting hurt!  And then start up my running seriously again immediately.  A light run on Monday, even if I’m sore!  No excuses!!!

It is looking like it will be a great day for a run too!

Perfect running weather!!!!  I am pretty excited about this race.  I wasn’t really a week or two ago but now I am.  I really like running the AC events, even if it nothing but boardwalk (but its ALL flat!).  Its funny because this weather calls for a light long sleeve shirt and I’m debating on wearing the same shirt I wore for the past 2 years for it!  HA!  I guess its that time of year for a light long sleeve?  LoL.  What do you think?  Or should I change it up?

Oh, and I will not be ordering the same thing I got at the Bards last time…  (Remember my boating experience?)  I’ll get a pumpkin ale maybe but not the stew or the gelato…  We don’t want any issues on race day!  It is always so tricky figuring out what to eat the day before a run.  You would think I would start tracking such things, especially me with all my graphs and charts and data!  This has always been one thing that’s slipped by, the correlation between a good/bad workout and what I ate that day/day before.  Maybe a goal for next month?

(Old graphs and charts from old blogs – see I love data!!!)

Oh what’s that?  I’m planning on making goals for next month?  That’s right!  Angela is BACK!  And I’m going to be setting up a personal challenge for myself that anyone can participate in at any fitness level.  I will let you all know about it when it gets closer to November!  I hope some of you will join me!


4 thoughts on “Weekend Plans and Goals

  1. Have a great race on Sunday! You are right about the weather – perfect running temps! Have a great time, I expect there will be photos from along the way?!? Can't wait to hear about it!
    And looking forward to your Nov. goals! I need some new ones myself…hmmmm….

  2. Good luck w/ the race!!!

    We used to go to AC all the time when we lived in Philly and oooh how I miss the Borgata. And the beach, of course. I'm not just a gambler. LOL

    PS: please eat some whoopie pies & shoo-fly for me too.

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