When Plans Aren’t Working

Things aren’t working right in the weight loss department lately.  Yes, weight loss and not “health”.  I feel frumpy and blah, like I’ved gained weight.  My scale even played a mean trick on me this morning.  In my frumpy-ness, I decided to weigh myself just to make sure and it displayed a 147.6!  ACK!  That would have meant a gain of almost 4 lbs!  I got off and got back on again (because sometimes it need to calibrate) and it said 144.2 the next 2 weigh-ins.

Anyway, this was maybe just the little shock I needed.  Thinking I was up 4lbs.  For the last few months, I’ve been hovering around 143 which has been fine with all the craziness that has been going in my life but now I feel like I’ve had enough.  Mostly because the last week or so has been nothing but junk eating and minimal exercise.  It’s time to do something about that and that means going back to Spark.

Tracking my food, tracking my workouts.  I  haven’t used it nearly enough lately.  But I also have another issue.  I’m tired of training and yet I have 2 half marathons and a full marathon that I need to train for!  I have my calendar all filled out but it makes me moan just looking at it.

I have a half this weekend and nothing I will do this week will help me get any better for it (I could get worse by going too hard) so this week is going to be all about doing whatever I feel like.  Nothing but cardio though, I don’t want super sore legs for the race on Sunday.  But Monday through Friday is all fair game (tapering in intensity toward the end of the week).

After that, I am going to sort of train for my races.  I mean, I will definitely be doing a lot to prepare but I’m not going to stress over getting it exactly right.  I plan on having 2 days a week of strength training and 3-4 days a week of cardio, one of which will be a long run day.  I think I will mostly due speed work like sprints, intervals, hills, and tempo runs.

As for nutrition and diet, the plan is to eat as clean as possible and try to keep it under 2000 calories.  That might not help me to lose anything (inches or weight) but it will keep me from gaining too!

Hopefully as my training increases, I will see some more definition and feel a little less frumpy.  I am a little worried about fitting this all in with all the school and work I have but its gotta happen so that I can run that marathon.  I don’t want to be disappointed for my first one (like my first half and this half).

And most of all, I miss being a good example of health and fitness.  That might be a little vain but its true.  I like being a good example to follow.  No one wants to be the bad example, right?  So I feel like I’m failing other people when I’m not doing well.  Remember my blog about being a Healthy Living Blogger?  I need to remember all that I said in that again!

I feel like lately, I just keep making plans and plans and more plans on how to get back on track.  But all those plans were very open with lots of loop holes.  This plan still isn’t exactly rigid but its more strict than I’ve been so I’m going to do it.

Track Food.
Track Fitness.
Long Runs once a week.
Strength Train twice a week.
Cardio 2-3 times per week.

Eat under 2000 calories.

That’s the new plan.  Be a healthy living blogger and role model!  Here we go!

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  1. You can DO tnis Ang! I know you can! I feel like I've gained 10 lb of fat over the past week, so this week… Down to business baby!!

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