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I had planned on a few blogs this week and the next thing I knew, it was Tuesday night!  Well, time for an edition of What I Ate Wednesday!

Things haven’t exactly been all grilled chicken and steamed broccoli lately…

2016-05-20 20.08.11

You see, I’ve been enjoying myself a little too much lately in between the healthy meals.

A little bit of healthy stuff (baked salmon over broccoli and pasta)

2016-05-16 17.12.41

And then a little treat


That slice of pizza was seriously the size of my head.

Nice weather = Ice cream!  Am I right?!

2016-05-24 17.51.41

Homemade Fish Burritos for another healthy win!

2016-05-23 22.23.21

And then some local Johnson’s Caramel Popcorn

2016-05-22 10.29.36

This week in meal planning, I tried chicken thighs for lunch and it was a horrible failure.  Apparently I don’t like chicken thighs.

2016-05-24 13.00.20

Tuesday’s turkey/beef meatballs were much better but still no 5 star dish.  Edible though.

2016-05-24 17.12.50

Chick-Fil-A shows me you can eat healthy at a fast food joint (please ignore the waffle fries!!)

2016-05-07 16.51.34

Overall, I’ve been eating on a maintenance level which is just fine for my stress levels.  I’m not working on weight loss right now because of everything crazy with life.  I can only handle so many stressors at once!  The good news is that a big project at work was handed in and things have settled down.  It looks like I can start making fitness and health and even higher priority again!  It is never not a priority but sometimes you have to coast for a bit instead of being in high gear.  I promise to update you ASAP on my new fitness adventure.  I never want to say a plan is solid until I’m a few weeks in but I can share a little bit Winking smile

What is your favorite healthy hot lunch?

I’ve tried cold lunches but I just honestly love my food to be on the warmer side!  I have yet to find my go-to lunch.

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