Winter Wedding

Hey everyone!  Things have been crazy around here, as you can understand, since it is finals time!  I turned one in on Wednesday and I have an in-class exam on Tuesday.  Of course, in addition to school, the holidays are here which means Christmas parties!

First though, I had a wedding over the weekend.  The groom was a groomsman at my wedding so we were really excited to be there.  We were just guests which meant we could sit back and relax and enjoy the show.  It was such a nice wedding, very intimate with only 6 tables of guests, including the wedding party.  We really enjoyed ourselves!

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So back to school stuff.  It has been nuts.  For example, yesterday, I went to the clinic all day to shadow for one of my classes and then I drove straight to Philadelphia to work in the clinic at Penn where they let the students perform QA duties in the evenings.  Most of my days have been jam packed like that all semester so you can understand why I don’t always get workouts done or blogs written.

So!  This coming week is going to be just as nuts so I won’t be starting Body Beast any time soon (I did workout 1 on Monday but then life happened).  I have been better at my eating but still not good enough to lose any weight.  Maintaining like usual.  Well, that is it for today.  I just wanted to pop in to say hello!  It will be another week for the semester is officially over for me so next week will be a light blogging week too.  Just chugging along!

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