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This week, I am trying to get into a good daily routine.  After being sick, my days just kind of fell apart.  Sure, it’s great having lots of free time but if you are like me, you get less done when you are free than when you are busy.  It doesn’t make sense but it works that way!

2015-11-24 19.02.52This guy makes it hard to get things done too!

The key is to have goals or get on a schedule.  Since the thought of scheduling my day just makes me cringe, I thought maybe a checklist would work better.  Who doesn’t love checking things off a to-do list?  It is so fulfilling!  The key for me is to make my tasks specific and small.

For example, “clean the house” is too daunting of a task and that is what I have been concentrating on lately (and being frozen in inaction).  Instead, today I added “clean off the coffee table” to my task list.  That is so doable!  And shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes or so.  Easy peasy, right?

I’m using a free app called Wunderlist to keep track of my daily tasks.  The awesome part about this app is that it is also available on Windows and syncs across platforms.


So I have my list on my phone AND my computer (which is awesome because I can type way faster and edit quicker on my computer than my phone).

Wunderlist Android (1)Wunderlist Android (3)

Plus it has a checklist widget (for those using Android) so I can keep my tasks right on my main page and check them off as I go!

Wunderlist Android (2)

I’m making a short list of specific, easy daily tasks and checking them off as I go.  I could even make a long list of tasks and transfer then to my daily tasks each morning.  I can keep an eye on my list to make sure I am running on-time and going to get it all done.  My mental list of things to do is too long and overwhelming so this will work way better, and I will be more productive!

Anyway, in order to be productive, I need to get moving!  So I’m off to get started on my first task, that messy coffee table.  Then a workout will be in order once breakfast is digested!

Aside:  I was not paid to write this post, I just really like the app and have been using it for months now!  It is awesome and you should try it too.  Did I mention its 100% free?

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