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Hello!  My name is Angela.  I’m a 30-something scientist, wife, runner, blogger, and general health nut!  Even though I’m not a fitness professional, I’ve always had a place in my life for health and fitness.  It really became a passion a few years ago when I started blogging to help me lose weight and realized how much I loved sharing my story with people.

I eventually branched off from blogging on a weight-loss-specific social website to create The Chicken Scoop – a place where I could blog about anything I wanted.  At the time, my husband and I were working on creating a small farm at my parents’ house- chickens and all – hence the name of the blog!  The chickens are gone now but we are always dabbling in the garden in an attempt to grow anything – edible or not!

You will still see that I talk mostly about health and fitness topics, especially weight loss.  I try to take a natural, healthy route when it comes to losing weight and achieving health – you won’t see crash diets in these parts of the internet though I may restrict certain foods for health reasons.

Some other things you will hear me talk about are running, products I like, books I’m reading, local restaurants I enjoy, travel, and whatever else I feel like writing about.  There are no limits to my blog.  It is simply here for me to share my life!

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