Broad Street, Round 3

I am SO EXCITED!  This year, I will run the Blue Cross Broad Street Run for the 3rd time!

The Broad Street Run is a 10 mile race and it will be the 36th year this May.  It was my very first double digit mileage race back in 2010 and I loved every minute of it!  (Even if they didn’t give out medals until 2011!)


I loved the race so much, that I went back for another round in 2011!  The first time, I ran it with my friend Jess who was a much more advanced runner (who is coming down to run the April Fool’s Day Half Marathon with me in April!!!).  The next year, I ran it with Lauren who I convinced to run long miles with me!  Sadly, she has sworn off distance running forever now.


This year, I will be running with a friend from school named Emily.  Sadly, that means I can’t train with her since she lives in Philly and I do not, but I know she’ll be there come race day!  I have no plan yet, since school is so crazy.  I’ll work on a training schedule (which I probably won’t follow anyway) when I have a little extra time.  Good intentions though?

That is it for today!  I didn’t go to the clinic because it snowed and travel is all messed up.  The trains weren’t able to go over the bridge into Philly this morning and the roads weren’t great either.  I have a meeting this afternoon but I’m hoping the professor agrees to reschedule for tomorrow.  It is just a 20 minute meeting to go over my lab report so I don’t want to drive 2 hours round trip in the snow for it.

Well, I must get back to research, studying, and working!  That is, if I don’t spend the next 30 minutes working on a training plan Winking smile

5 thoughts on “Broad Street, Round 3

    1. When I ran it years ago, it was easy to register. Then in 2012, it sold out in less than 5 hours!! They do a lottery now so I was super excited that both my friend and I got in! AND its 10,000 people bigger than it was in 2010!

  1. Jealous! I was supposed to run Broad Street last year (I lived in Philly), but I had to transfer to a coworker when I found out that I had to move to Alaska sooner than I’d planned. I hope to run it sometime soon though!

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