First Marathon, Help!

First Marathon, Help!

It’s that time!  Once this cold is gone, I have to get serious about my marathon training.  As of today, I have 23 weeks until my first marathon.  I have a couple resources to pool from but it is really hard to pick “the right” training plan.  I have some guidelines that I want to follow.

  • I want to be able to strength train (ST) 2 days per week (or cross train).
  • My goal is “to finish” but I also want to finish in a reasonable time (under 6 hours but would really like under 5!)
  • I don’t want my runs during the week to take any longer than 2 hours max.  I’d prefer under 1.5 hours
  • I’d like to have some sort of interval training during the week, not just always “run # miles”.

But I also have some confusion about my training plans.

  • Should I try the run/walk method (i.e. Jeff Galloway method)?
  • I have a few plans printed out.  Some of them max out at 20 miles while others have 2-3 runs longer than 20 miles.  Which is “better”?
  • Is it ok to have long runs only on the weekends?  (one plan has only 30 minute runs during the week)

I’m really thinking about combining a few of the plans into my own customized plan but then again, they are the pros and know what they are doing, right?  But they are all so different!  Its so hard to choose.  And I’m totally not sure about the run/walk thing.  I have such a hard time running again when I walk!  Anyway, this is the schedule I’m leaning toward if I make my own plan:

  • Monday:  ST
  • Tuesday:  Medium Length Tempo Run
  • Wednesday:  ST
  • Thursday:  30 minutes of Intervals
  • Friday:  Rest day
  • Saturday:  Long Run
  • Sunday:  2-3 miles

 Tuesday and/or Wednesday could be option rest days also.  I’m also leaning toward the schedule that has a 23 and 26 mile practice run but only 30 minute runs during the week (from Jeff Galloway’s website).  But then again, I’ve always trusted Hal Higdon to get me through races and his Marathon 3 training plan has 3 20-mile runs before the big day (but a lot more longer runs during the week).  Oh the decisions.  I’m just looking for experience and advice from anyone who has trained for a marathon.  Thanks in advance!  I’m super excited to go through this journey and become a marathoner!!!


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  1. I was going to say I always "follow" hal, but pretty much make my own schedule of what works best (I can't always do long runs on the weekends)
    SOOO excited for you- I wish I could come cheer!!

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