Kayaks & Pirates

Hello everyone!  I really need to learn to post more often because I have too much to say today.  First, I got to try out a friend’s kayak!


My friend Brian is also doing the Peddle Paddle Run with me and was taking his kayak out on a lake nearby and invited me to paddle around a bit.  Apparently, the getting going was hard but I have work to do on the getting out by myself.  I took a little swim with my last attempt!  Overall, it wasn’t too bad and I’m not too worried about this part of the race now.  My arms need some work but not as much as I thought.  I probably paddled about 3/4 of a mile nonstop at one point.  That is about half the race distance.

In other news, I did nothing on Saturday!  That is right, I took a day off.  Rob and I just did chores and cleaned the house.  Can you imagine us just sitting around???  Wow!

We were supposed to stay home on Sunday also but one day was plenty of lounging for us so we took a last minute trip to the Renaissance Faire again!  Aren’t we terrible??  This time, I took a shot at a pirate costume.  I used a corset I had, an old fancy dress I wore to a wedding once, and some boots I owned.  I also made a hat and some jewelry with supplies from the craft store.  Don’t I look the part?!

 DSC_4099 (2)

We tried to participate in things this time around and go see shows.  Rob won 2nd place in the men’s calf competition!  I promised I wouldn’t post the photos I took even though his calves look lovely.  With 2nd place came a gift card to a leather shop which got me more accessories for my costume!  (Since Rob doesn’t dress up anyway!) 

New leather belt (so I can stop using the one I wear to work) and mug latch.  Fancy schmancy skirt hitches also!

I also participated in the pirate costume competition but got beat out by another girl who had lots of friends cheering (there was only 1st place).  That would have been cool because the winner got a dagger from the pirate shop.  I totally need one of those.  This weekend is Pirate Invasion but we are trying really hard to convince ourselves we don’t need to go.  That is hard though because our chances of going will dwindle once school and rugby season starts.

Well, I need to get ready to head to work.  Gotta pay for this Ren Faire habit somehow!  Until tomorrow!

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  1. Looks like an absolute blast!! And u are looking mighty pretty: ) you must have been a pirate in ur past life haha

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